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What is ArbiMate?

Buy From Walmart. Sell On Amazon. Profit.

Buying products for cheap and selling them for profit is one of the easiest ways of making a living.

ArbiMate is a brand-new WordPress Plugin that allows you to find Walmart & Target products that can be sold on Amazon for a healthy profit.

And the best part is that you never have to touch the products yourself.

You simply place the same order on Walmart/Target with the customer’s shipping address, and keep the difference.

There are thousands of items that you can take advantage of. And new ones are being found every day.

Arbimate is one of the best automated arbitrage finder. Here is walkthrough of this tool.

To start with paste the walmart category url as shown. You will find profitable arbitrages in a matter of seconds. Take a quick look at the listings, pick the one where there is a good margin.

Fix a price that will outbid Amazon and start selling right away. Arbs are a surefire way to make money and Arbimate will make it even more easier for you.

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