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By the end of this video you’ll understand the most common free and paid traffic sources for affiliate marketing and decide which one is best for you.

Hey, I’m Alexandra and welcome to my video on traffic methods.

We can broadly categorize traffic sources into two types: Free and paid traffic sources. Free traffic takes more time and effort in general but is either very Low cost or totally free, while for paid traffic you are paying per click.

There are just so many traffic sources out there and you may not know where to start. I remember when I started out I had the shiny object syndrome and was jumping from one traffic source to another without giving any one source enough time and effort to make it work. I wanted to make YouTube videos, manage an IG account, network on Facebook, and so many things. But I never found time to do any one well and I ended up with a lot of ideas but no action, no execution at all. I chose 2 traffic sources and focused on these and I see a lot more results with these 2 than all of the traffic sources combined when I was trying to do everything.

So with this video I want to explain each of the common traffic sources to you so you can pick a few sources and stick with them until you become profitable with them.

What you choose is entirely up to your own Budget and time.
If you’re starting with Low to zero capital then free traffic sources would be the way to go, although free traffic sources take a Long period of consistent effort to see results. Free Traffic Sources are from YouTube, Blogs, Facebook (Groups, Live, Messenger). You build an audience and your personal brand. You are publishing useful content for your target audience on a consistent basis

If you have more money than time then you may consider paid traffic to see results in a shorter time, but only invest what you’re willing to lose. Paid traffic is also a great way to scale very quickly. Paid Traffic Sources examples are Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Bing Ads, YouTube Ads, solo ads. You pay these platforms each time a user clicks on your advertisement.
Another approach you can take is to do one free traffic source and one paid traffic source. The paid source is going to generate you faster results in the short term, and you can work on the free source at the same time to generate results in the Long term for zero to Low additional cost.

Free Traffic Sources:
Facebook Groups and Live
Facebook Messenger

Paid Traffic Sources:
Facebook Ads
Google Adwords
Bing Ads,
Solo ads
YouTube Ads

Facebook is one of the most popular ways to get traffic. You join Facebook groups relevant to your product. For example if you were promoting ClickFunnels or Builderall as an affiliate, you would be looking for Facebook groups about affiliate marketing or businesses which are looking to sell online. The people in these groups are your target audience for ClickFunnels and Builderall. You can then engage people in the group, help them with questions, and recommend ClickFunnels and Builderall where it is beneficial to them. Don’t just spam links and talk about your affiliate product in every single post in the group. Only talk about it if it is really useful to somebody who has posted a question. answer questions to the best of your ability even if there is no opportunity for you to talk about your affiliate product. Over time as you keep doing this you’ll be seen as an authority in the groups you are in. People will start to trust you more and be more open to what you have to recommend. This does take time to get sales of your product but can be very effective if you have zero Budget to spend on traffic. The key here is to be consistent about engaging in Facebook groups and don’t give up.

Another way to use Facebook for free traffic is through your Facebook profile.
How this works is as you’re engaging in groups, people are going to become curious about who you are and click on your profile to check it out. To make sure people are visiting your profile, you can send Friend requests to people in the Facebook groups – when they see your request, they usually will go check out your profile. you really only want your target audience to be visiting your profile, so only add people who have either commented or liked a post in the Facebook group by an influencer in your group that was exactly what you wish you had posted. Facebook only lets you have up to 5000 friends so you need to be selective about who you add as friends as Facebook.