Today’s Youtube video is about:

Amazon FBA?

Drop Shipping?

Affiliate Marketing?

Social Media Marketing Agency?

What’s the best business model?

What brings the more money?

What’s the easiest?

After being in online business for years I discovered that to run any successful business you need to know about sales and marketing, and the main thing the mindset success and entrepreneur mindset

Once you learn this you can pretty much start a business around whatever you want,

If you understand this:

*You need to be passionate about your business*

*You need to be solving a problem*

*You need to develop as a person*

If you have these three than you’re going to be successful in sha Allah in whatever business you commit yourself to, and all of them will come back to these two things:

Knowing how to sell

Knowing how to market

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We focus on building this strong understanding about how business works, so we can go out there and crush any business in whatever niche,

And most importantly being in the community of young entrepreneurs, is what is going to make us strong and consistent to achieve what we want in life.

Listen, being financially free in not easy but is SIMPLE,

If you really want it you will get there, there’s no biological nor logical reason why you can’t.

In sha Allah I see inside of the HOB Academy

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I’m a 25 year young muslim, that runs businesses online and live of it.