Starting with Affiliate CPA Marketing? You must have a ton of questions. Luckily you will find most frequently asked questions in this video, with the answers!

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These are the questions discussed in this video:


What is the normal drop off % for your funnel?

What do you test first interest or age group?

Can you use the size of the audience you are targeting to accurately predict how long your campaigns will be profitable?

How do you distinguish a profitable campaign from a non profitable campaign by cpc and epc after the 3 day rule. What percentage would be good percentage to say this is profitable?

How to do audience/targeting research when running sweepstake offers on instagram

How do you deal with Break even ad sets after 3 days? How do you scale it since it’s breakeven?

– If you scale a breakeven adset (as it is), it would produce the same breakeven result, right?

– Is there any point in duplicating a breakeven adset as that too would produce the same results, right?

How do I get pass this Cash flow issue?

If you want to test more variations of ads faster (outside of initial 3 day test) is there a ratio of adset budget to amount ad variations you would recommend?

Let’s say you have an audience size of 200,000 in your facebook ads campaign and its profitable and finally die out, how will you scale your your profits without using LLA?

I’d like to know about scaling when breakeven.

Anyway to create a lookalike audience when doing cpa and fb?

Can you comment on running insurance CPA from the popular network or working with a private client (insurance brokerage company that I work for) to test and set up lead gen campaigns for them. Would you advise on what are the pros and cons of each. I know that CPA offers are different in terms of scale. What about profits? Do you have any experience or though