An inside look at the Affiliate Side Hustle (ASH) viral funnel.

If you want to know what a viral funnel is – watch this video!

If you are looking to start as an affiliate marketer – watch this video!

It was in September 2018 that I was introduced to the concept of a viral funnel. This was news to me. I didn’t even know that such a system existed.


Now I see it as totally obvious and such a clearly AMAZING way to start earning affiliate commissions online.

Not only because it promote the best SAS (Software As A Service) out there – ClickFunnels!

Furthermore, ClickFunnels is the best affiliate program I have ever come across. You receive 40% commissions each time someone signs up using your link and also 40% on CF high ticket offers (yes, these exist also!).

That’s a lot of bank!

That’s why this funnel is a no-brainer for getting started both as an affiliate marketer and as a user of ClickFunnels.

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