#ZorbasMedia – the Russian episode. In this video, we invited our guest to visit us in Mother Russia. While exploring the city and doing some crazy things, we managed to talk about online ads in all forms. Our guest Sebastian has been involved in #affiliate marketing for nearly 14 years, having started his way in adult marketing and since then has had his hands on all kind of media buying. Now he is mostly focusing on #popunder traffic, and he guided us step by step on how to make it work. Spoiler alert – no magic involved. He also explained why pop-unders are still the best way to start affiliate marketing, and a pinch of philosophy is in place, too. Enjoy!
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3:26 – Broad traffic experience
6:31 – Crypto as a good match for pop under traffic
10:55 – Starting affiliate marketing 14 years ago. What it was like?
15:23 – How affiliate marketing gives us freedom to life the live we want
21:42 – Brief excursus into the history of Russian revolution
25:40 – Google ads regulations
26:55 – Best way to start affiliate marketing with pop under traffic
28:52 – Why ugly works?
37:09 – Win one to one exclusive training on pops from Sebastian and start making your way!