In this video I talk about How to use Quora for Affiliate Marketing.

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How to use Quora for Affiliate Marketing.
While Quora does not have as many users as networks like Facebook or Twitter, it still has a sizable number. More than 200 million at last count. If you are an affiliate marketer, focus on affiliate marketing and make money online niche. To begin, you should be deliberate about the topics you select when you’re at the “know about” section of setting up your profile. The topics you select will show up on your profile, and they’ll inform the recommendations Quora makes to you about questions to answer.
In making your choices, consider what you are an expert on (or what you can conduct research to write insightful answers on) and also the number of users who are subscribed to the topic. Topics with more subscribers mean bigger audiences for your answer and a higher likelihood of gaining exposure on the site in a short period.
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