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CB Passive Income 5.0 Review: Scam Or Legit? (2018 Update)
CB Passive Income 5.0 review Welcome to my CB Passive Income 5.0 review. I have reviewed the two previous versions of the program and here is the new one. CB Passive Income is a legit affiliate marketing system but there are pros and cons like any other product.

On this post, you can read how exactly it works and what you can expect if you decide to take action.

What Is CB Passive Income 5.0?
CB Passive Income is an affiliate marketing system created by Patric Chan. With this program, he helps beginners to make money with Clickbank as affiliate marketers.

Patric Chan is a best selling author and successful internet marketer who wants to help people to start their own online business. He has created other products as well. For example, you can read my review about Blogging Guru Blueprint which is a legit program about blogging. Also, he has published some ebooks on Amazon about success and money.

CB Passive Income is a high gravity Clickbank product (best selling). It was the number one for many months the last few years and it would not be a surprise if it will climb in the first place again.

On this site, I have reviewed many Clickbank products. Many of them were not so good. However, CB Passive Income is a legit one. Many big names on the affiliate marketing have promoted it before. Also, I have personally tried it and checked the resources on the members’ area.

Most beginners believe that internet marketing and building an online business is too complicated because some people support these opinions to sell their products.

For this reason, Patric created CB Passive Income which is a super simple program to get started online. I think that anyone who has a laptop and a connection to the internet can use this system. The bad news is that you don’t completely control your business.

Your success and your earnings with this program depend on Patric Chan’s performance. Of course, he is a top marketer and you can expect good results.

How Does It Work?
The reason why you don’t control every part of your business is because CB Passive Income is responsible for a few things.

The business model is the following:

You send traffic to a landing page that is created by CB Passive Income.
The landing pages have a professional design and offer to your visitors a free gift.
If the visitors give their email address to get the freebie, they receive emails and offers from the autoresponder of the program (by Patric Chan).
When they buy something, you earn a commission.

If you want to start an online business from scratch, you must be responsible for all these steps. However, if you send traffic to the landing pages of the program, you are responsible only for the first part.

This is the best part of the system:

You can completely focus and master your traffic game. Just find a way to send targeted traffic. There are some good guides about traffic on the members’ area as well.

This system has some funs and some people who do not like it. It makes sense that when the quality of the traffic is not good enough, you will not make enough sales or not sales at all. For this reason, you must do good work on this part.

Lastly, you have the option to outsource even the only task that you must handle. There is an outsource promotion. It costs some extra money but in this way you can sit back and wait.

To get results from this program, you must be willing to trust the system. The reputation of the owner helps you to expect good things to happen. So, it’s on you to give it a try and make it work.

Pros and Cons
1. Legit Program: This is the fifth version of the program. Many affiliate marketers have bought and tried on the past. While there are complaints on the internet for every program, we can say that this is a legit one. The resources are professional and the training is good.

2. Owner: Patric Chan’s reputation is a strong reason why you should consider to give it a try. Your subscribers will receive emails from his autoresponder. It improves your chances to get results.

3. Beginner Friendly: The program is created to help beginners to get results. As a member of the program, you will be responsible only for the traffic. It cannot be simpler than this one.

4. Traffic Methods: There is training for three ways that can work. Solo advertising, Bing Ads and free YouTube Traffic. You will get the information you need on the members’ area to create your first campaigns.

1. Upsells: No one like the upsells. They increase the cost of the program and this can’t be a good thing. You can read about the upsells of CB Passive Income above.

2. Control: The only issue of the system. The fact that someone else does all the hard work for you it’s a good thing because you can focus on marketing. However, if you do not like how Patric Chan works, you cannot do anything about it.