The following reports compile all significant security incidents confirmed by New York Times reporters throughout Afghanistan. It is necessarily incomplete as many local officials refuse to confirm casualty information. The toll here does not generally include claims of insurgents killed by the government, because of the difficulty of verifying such claims. Similarly, the reports do not include attacks on the government claimed by the Taliban. Both sides routinely inflate casualties of their opponents.

The death toll in Afghanistan dropped this week, with 50 deaths confirmed for pro-government forces and 14 for civilians. Offensive operations by Afghan security forces increased in the last two weeks, according to a spokesman for the Afghan Ministry of Defense, and an important Taliban commander was killed. The Afghan government carried out more than 160 airstrikes against insurgents in this period.

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Dec. 6 Oruzgan Province: seven security forces killed

One commando and two police officers were killed in a planned attack by the Taliban on Chinarto District center. After security forces requested air support, an American airstrike mistakenly targeted Afghan forces. The strike killed two police officers and two commandos and wounded two police officers and one commando.

Dec. 5 Herat Province: four local police killed

A group of 200 Taliban militants attacked a security outpost in Pashtun Zarghoon District. There were 15 local police officers in the outpost: four were killed, seven of them were taken prisoner and four others are missing. Security forces requested support, but reinforcements never arrived. Insurgents seized all of the weapons and equipment and destroyed the outpost.

Dec. 4 Helmand Province: one soldier killed

One soldier was killed and two police officers were wounded during a military operation in Babaje area of Lashkar Gah, the provincial capital.

Dec. 4 Kunar Province: one civilian killed

One civilian was killed when a mortar, said to have been fired from Pakistan side of the border, hit a house in Barolo village of Marawara District.

Dec. 4 Herat Province: three police officers killed

The Taliban attacked a security outpost in Shindand District, killing three police officers. The Taliban managed to escape after the attack.

Dec. 4 Nangarhar Province: one civilian killed

The owner of a private TV station was kidnapped and his driver was killed by unknown gunmen in Jalalabad City, the provincial capital. An investigation into the incident is underway.

Dec. 4 Kandahar Province: two security forces killed

Two members of a pro-government militia were assassinated in Kandahar City by two unknown gunmen riding on a motorcycle. The assailants managed to escape from the area.

Dec. 4 Sar-i-Pul Province: six security forces killed

Six security forces — including Lt. Abdul Malik Nizami, the district police chief, two police officers and three soldiers — were killed in the clashes with the Taliban in Sayad District. Thirteen Taliban fighters were also killed and 10 others were wounded. Two outposts of local police were captured by the Taliban, but were later recaptured by Afghan forces.

Dec. 3 Kandahar Province: one police officer killed

A police officer was shot and wounded by the Taliban in Kandahar City. The officer died of his wounds in the hospital next day.

Dec. 2 Faryab province: two police officers killed

The Taliban attacked security outposts in Andkhoy District, killing two police officers and wounding two others. The insurgents captured an outpost and a village in the area.

Dec. 2 Paktia Province: 12 civilians killed

Twelve civilians were killed during a military operation in Zurman District conducted by the Khost Protection Force, a U.S.-backed paramilitary unit that is supported by American air power. The operation took place in the Badruddin Bazaar area, where some shops were also destroyed during the operation. The bodies of the civilians killed during the operation were brought by relatives to Gardez, the provincial capital, where protesters demanded justice.

Dec. 2 Faryab Province: six security forces killed

Five pro-government militia members and a local police officer were killed in clashes with the Taliban that began Saturday night and continued into Sunday. The Taliban captured four security outposts in the area.

Dec. 1 Helmand Province: Taliban shadow governor killed in U.S. airstrike

The Taliban’s most senior commander in southern Afghanistan was killed in an American airstrike, the insurgent group and Afghan and American officials said on Sunday.

The commander, Mullah Abdul Manan, had orchestrated the insurgents’ campaign to take over much of Helmand Province. He was also believed to be a key figure in developing the Taliban’s special forces, the Red Unit, which have carried out deadly attacks across the country.

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Dec. 1 Ghazni Province: three soldiers and three police officers killed

The Taliban attacked a supply convoy on Saturday, killing three soldiers and three police officers. Seven others were also wounded in the attack. Two fuel tankers were destroyed by insurgents.

Security forces carried out operations against the Taliban in Nawa and Deh Yak districts, claiming they killed 31 fighters, including an insurgent commander. They also seized equipment and weapons.

Dec. 1 Balkh Province: six pro-government militia members killed

Six members of a pro-government militia, including the militia commander, were killed in a Taliban ambush in Koshende District.

Dec. 1 Takhar Province: four pro-government militia members killed

Four militia members were killed after the unit was ambushed by the Taliban in the Hazaraha village of Yangi Qala District.

Dec. 1 Balkh Province: two police officers killed

The Taliban attacked a security outpost in Chemtal District. Two local police officers, including a commander, were killed and three others were wounded in the clashes.

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