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Information about Royaltie:
Royaltie is 100% focused on providing the best proximity marketing software in the world, to help your business attract more customers.

While traditional marketing methods like billboards and radio are expensive and inflexible, we offer a simple, effective way to get your message in front of more people near you at the lowest cost.

With Royaltie, your high-quality ad will be displayed on the most popular apps & websites on the phones, laptops, and tablets of the people around you.

Our clients range from small business owners (marketers, realtors, and independent sales reps) to major corporations, all seeing the incredible benefits of proximity marketing.

Our suite of products includes three types of Bluetooth beacons & two Guest Wi-Fi devices.

Included with every purchase is unlimited access to the Upline App where you can create your ads, landing pages & keep you and your team organized anywhere any time.

3 Gems models: 100m NF-Gem, 400m BF-Gem, & 1000m GF-Gem. Each Gem broadcasts a unique signal carrying your high-quality ad to all surrounding mobile devices.

Through Royaltie’s proprietary Notification Network, your high-quality ad is guaranteed to be seen by a large number of nearby consumers every month. NF-Gem = 500 guaranteed impressions. BF-Gem = 2,000 guaranteed impressions. GF-Gem = 5,000 guaranteed impressions.

Your Royaltie Gem will trigger high-quality ads on the most popular websites and apps in the world, and your advertising will automatically follow you, anywhere you go.

Your ads will reach all types of mobile devices, including Android smartphones, iPhones, laptops and tablets.

Create the advertisements you wish to broadcast from your Gem with your custom message and high-quality image.

Automatically track all your sales & recruiting activities – from new prospects to signed deals – with reminders when it’s time to follow-up.

Effortlessly manage a team of any size, with detailed analytics so you can monitor everyone’s exact sales activities.

With unlimited storage, all of your content can stay organized, accessible and 100% up to date.

Royaltie allows you to offer free Guest Wi-Fi to those around you, either inside your business with the Uplink Pro or anywhere any time with the Uplink Mobile. Users gain access to your Free Wi-Fi network, in exchange for their contact information Free Wi-Fi is a powerful lead generation strategy, used by some of the largest companies in the world like Starbucks and McDonald’s. Now you can build your marketing list the same way – with your own simple, affordable Guest Wi-Fi offering.

With no setup costs and a low monthly fee, you can now offer free Wi-Fi, capture leads, and redirect each user to your personalized landing page. Lead generation is the key to business growth. Now you can build your marketing list anywhere – inside your business, at the train station, even out for dinner – totally effortlessly.

Looking to earn additional monthly income? Simply join Royaltie’s affiliate program at no extra cost, and earn monthly income just by referring others to try our amazing products.

Earn monthly income on six levels by recommending Royaltie and building your team.

Free training and marketing resources to assist you. Telephone and email support also available.

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