Affiliate marketing involves marketing other people’s products in order to earn a commission. Commissions on products promoted as an affiliate can run from under ten percent to fifty, seventy five, and in some cases even 100%. You might not think you could could earn a 100% commission on a product but believe me, in some cases this can happen.

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In this video we will look at how to find products to promote as an affiliate and how to create your offers. Probably one of the hardest things for beginners to do is to get traffic to their affiliate pages. This video covers that. It also covers how to grow an email list of people who are interested in the products you promote. And-you email subscriber list will eventually become source of income.

Many beginners think in terms of only making sales. And sales are the point of the business, but a sale is a one time event. However, if you grow an email subscriber list from visitors to your pages, you can market to those people over and over again through the years.

I can tell you that there are many, many affiliate marketers out there with over one-hundred thousand names in their auto responder account. Every time they send out an email to their list promoting an affiliate product they will make many hundreds or even thousands of dollars. And many affiliates mail multiple times a day to their lists.

In this video we will concentrate on marketing digital products, things like ebooks, videos, software, stuff like that. The commissions on digital products are generally much higher than the commissions on physical products. I will be using Clickbank as the source of products to promote and Aweber as my auto-responder account.

– – Mike McMillan