Worried fliers can check the 2018 update of the list at ec.europa.eu/transport/modes/air/safety/air-ban_en, which includes airlines that are banned from E.U. skies; among them are 114 airlines from 15 countries, including Afghanistan, Eritrea and Nepal. According to the website, airlines on the list show “lack of safety oversight by the aviation authorities from these states.”

Another six individual airlines are banned based on safety concerns with those specific carriers, as opposed to the standards established by their home countries. They include Iran Aseman Airlines; Iraqi Airways in Iraq; Blue Wing Airlines in Suriname; Med-View Airlines in Nigeria; Avior Airlines in Venezuela; and Air Zimbabwe in Zimbabwe.

While the cause of the Lion Air accident remains under investigation, statistics show that flying generally is a safe way to travel. The airline trade association International Air Transport Association, which represents 290 member airlines, or 82 percent of all air traffic, reported an accident rate of 1.08 per 1 million flights in 2017.

“Worldwide, air travel is incredibly safe,” said Gary Leff, who writes the aviation blog View from the Wing. “The things that go wrong are such outliers,” he said, because things generally do not go wrong.

The commercial website Airlineratings.com publishes safety ratings for more than 435 carriers worldwide. The site uses a seven-star system for rating airlines based on whether they have passed an operational safety audit with the International Air Transport Association; if they are allowed to fly in the European Union; if they are free of fatalities in the past 10 years, and whether they have passed the I.C.A.O. country audit.

After the crash, Lion Air currently holds a six-star rating from the group. Air France has the same level of clearance; the website notes a 2009 fatality. All three legacy carriers based in the United States — American, Delta and United — have seven-star ratings.

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