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The million dollar challenge was created by award-winning builderall affiliate Liam James Kay and is centered around the builderall business platform.

We at are big fans of internet marketing… and passive income, so our ears pricked up when we heard about this challenge.

To get involved, you don’t need to have any previous marketing experience (although it would obviously help you see faster results if you do) as simple to follow instructions are provided on how to make this work for you.

To get started you will need to sign up to builderall business because without a BA Business this challenge would not be possible. This shouldn’t be a massive obstacle because builderall offer a 30-day money back guarantee on their business accounts… if you fail to make any commissions!

But, we won’t let that happen! You see because of the two-tier affiliate system in builderall, If you don’t make money, We don’t make money!

And this is not some pyramid scheme either! it is a truly powerful leveraged affiliate system!

Every person that you get to signup to the challenge (or more importantly, Builderall) You will receive 100% commission on the first month, followed by 30% for each and every month that they stay active. (which could be years!).

But, what sets this apart from other affiliate systems is that you will also earn 30% from all of the people who your referrals get signed up! How amazing is that!

( If you would like to read an in-depth blog post about the challenge click here: )

For me personally, what I really love about his challenge is how accessible it is for people who have never tried affiliate marketing. I think Liam has done a great job of setting it all up with newbies in mind and it shows that he truly just wants to help people experience success online!

Inside the funnel are a series of videos presented by Liam, that will walk you through, step-by-step, on how to set up the funnel on your own account. It will take an hour (at most) to set it up and then you are done… it’s good to go!

You will then be focusing on how you are going to get your funnel in front of as many eyes as possible. Again, inside the funnel, Liam will explain some strategies on how to get people interested and start generating some leads.

Ok, so that’s the general gist of how it works, but what I really want to drill home with you is the amount of potential this opportunity presents you with!

Firstly, the passive income that you earn now, or over the next month or so, is recurring. Which means that even if you were to go and travel the world and not touch the internet for a year… That income would still be rolling in each month, no matter what you do!

Secondly, when you find your way around Builderall and discover the wealth of tools you have available, it will really open up your mind to a whole world of other opportunities!

As someone who makes it my business to hunt out money making opportunities, Let me tell you that offers as great as this, don’t come around too often!

Sign up at and let’s make this happen!!!