If you’re looking for how to succeed with affiliate marketing, you really need to make sure you evaluate all the different affiliate offers against three basic criteria.

1. Do you like the product? Does it serve a purpose that many other find useful?
2. What is the commission structure like? Will it pay you enough to justify your efforts?
3. What marketing tools does the company or your sponsor offer to help you promote the product?

Once you evaluate these things and find a company or two you like, the next step is to choose who you’re going to sign up in the affiliate program underneath.

Make sure you connect with this person; you should be working closely together, so you want to make sure you see the world and the business in similar and compatible ways.

You also want to make sure they’re responsive to your questions and have a plan you can implement to grow affiliates underneath you.

Finally, all of this evaluation is useless if you don’t take focused, massive action toward your goals and toward building your affiliate business successfully.

Your sponsor should help you take these actions, but you have to keep pushing forward even when it seems like you’re not making any progress or you will fail.

More info on the Advertising Boost affiliate program: https://youtu.be/tvkv6WgDb1M

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