If you want to Earn from home by affiliate marketing of flipkart and amazon, then you are at right place to earn online.
घर बैठे पैसे कमाओ ।
Earn From Flipkart | Commissions on Affiliate Marketing | No Max Cap October
Flipkart affiliate offer :
There is NO Maximum Cap on your affiliate account this Oct’18. Kindly scale your promotions for unlimited earnings.

So, go this october to earn unlimited online by affiliate marketing.

Two methods to earn on flipkart.

1. Become a vender on Flipkart
Have one thing to sell, place it on Flipkart. affirmative you can also sell your merchandise on Flipkart. By product I don’t means that home items. For commerce those, you’ve got olx.in. Here i’m pertaining to those of you WHO have an interest in being a businessmen/businesswomen.

There square measure 2 ways that to search out what to sell on Flipkart. first is that if you have already got a product, that you manufacture or create yourself, like handicraft things, clothes, jewellery, fashion accessories and far a lot of, then Flipkart is that the place you’ll sell them.
2nd possibility is for those that don’t have any product of your own, procure something! There square measure tons and loads of merchandise out there that square measure commerce at cheaper costs elsewhere, you’ll procure these merchandise and them upsell them on Flipkart.
Once you’ve got procured the item, you’ll set your own asking price for it, and add it to Flipkart. this is often a cool thanks to create cash, since you may not have to be compelled to pay something in the slightest degree in promoting your product. Flipkart can manage all the advertising. I even have helped people in creating four figure profits from their sales on Flipkart. If your product clicks with the audience, sky is that the limit to your earning potential via Flipkart.

The process to become a vender on Flipkart is kind of straightforward:

Step 1: Register on Flipkart as a vender

Step 2: give all data associated with the merchandise you would like to sell on Flipkart

Step 3: Wait till your application is manually processed and approved

Step 4: Once application is approved, you’ll list your merchandise on Flipkart

Step 5: create sales, and earn profit

2. Become Affiliate of Flipkart
Becoming Associate in Nursing affiliate means that you may be serving to Flipkart create more cash. successively Flipkart can share with you specific amount of its profits. this is often the best means you’ll create cash from Flipkart. All you would like to try to to is facilitate Flipkart realize a lot of and a lot of patrons. once you do thus and Flipkart makes a purchase, it’ll then share sure margin of profit with you for serving to it in obtaining the sale.

As Flipkart has Brobdingnagian vary of merchandise, it’s classified its merchandise into classes, like physical science, books, clothing… so on. Affiliate commission of every class is nominative by Flipkart from time to time. The commission share is found in your affiliate account beneath commission tab; sometimes it ranges from 1 Chronicles to fifteen of the asking price.