Get more traffic. More sales. Through Affiliate Marketing

One of the most asked questions I get by friends, family and my subscribers is ‘What is affiliate marketing?’. I guess they ask me that because since dropping out of college 8 years ago anytime someone asks me how I get to live such an awesome lifestyle I tell them ‘affiliate marketing’.

In this video I aim to explain what is affiliate marketing. I also touch on some subjects like, is affiliate marketing still profitable? How to get started with affiliate marketing. How to get traffic for affiliate marketing and how to get paid with affiliate marketing.

Right now i’m in Scotland (Heiko Winkler) with my brother and business partner Alex Winkler. We both have decided to put out weekly educational videos for our consulting company Enzlo to help answer questions other businesses may have so make sure you subscribe to this channel. We have both been involved with affiliate marketing for over a decade. In the last several years we even started our own affiliate network ‘ViceOffers’ with over 4000 active affiliates. Before I start talking about what affiliate marketing is, right off the bat I will say YES affiliate marketing can make you money. A boat load of money. Is it easy? Let’s just say I’ve spent many sleepless nights awake on my computer, but i’ll also say some days I will be hunting or fishing all day and not even look at a computer and have made enough money to take a vacation to Hawaii.

So affiliate marketing is essentially getting paid to promote a product or service and when someone makes a purchase of that product or service through you, then you will receive commission. Commissions can be a % of the sale price or a fixed price. Let’s say you sell organic weight loss pills. The company of those pills may either pay… Get into these things

Commissions, ppl (pay per lead), pps (pay per sale), ppt (pay per trial), cc submit vs paying for lead. CC = Credit Card Submit
Different niches and offers
Offline vs online affiliate marketing. Types of traffic (email, paid, social media). And even blackhat vs whitehat traffic generation for affiliate marketing.

I will show you how you can get started with affiliate marketing using our affiliate network ViceOffers as an example:

How to Create an account on ViceOffers
How to Pick an offer you can generate traffic for.
How to get your affiliate tracking link.
How to use a link shortener for affiliate marketing.
How to add your billing information and payout information so we can send you your earnings. (We send payments every Tuesday and payout in ACH, Wire, paypal or bitcoin.)

We payout weekly. Every Tuesday

Many companies are starting to get into affiliate marketing to tap into more traffic, that’s actually something our company Enzlo specializes in doing for our clients so if that’s something you need help with be sure to reach out to us at

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