Finding a niche is one of the most common questions I get asked.

And it can be really confusing to figure out what sort of niche to choose and what will be successful.

In this video I explain 3 ways to find a niche idea for an Amazon Affiliate site.

They are:
1. Browse Categories in Amazon
2. Browse Large Retail Shops
3. Browse Google

That’s it! These ideas are easy and simple to help you find a niche that you could potentially build a site around.

Let me know if you have any other questions in the comments below.

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There is a ridiculous amount of information out there about niche sites. A lot of it is really old and out of date. This page is up to date and I take the time to make changes as time goes on and things change. (I actually got started by following Pat Flynn’s Niche Site Duel – the first one – a full 3 years after it started! Whoops!)

It’s different from other guides because I use Project Management Best Practices to continuously improve the process. (I’m a certified Project Management Professional – recognized by PMI.)

This is the most important phase of the process. Every single part of the process is dependent on choosing a niche that targets a group of willing buyers.

You can’t make the process work if you don’t have a commercially viable niche or market.

I like to say, “You need to intercept a customer on the way to make a purchase on Amazon.”

The people visiting your website will be buying something no matter what – so you just need to help them make that buying decision.

You must determine three things to confidently create a niche site monetized with Amazon.

Are products in the niche available on Amazon?
Is the niche big enough?
Is the competition level acceptable?
The first one is easy. You can simply head over to Amazon and search for some products in the niche or market.

Within a few moments, you’ll know exactly what products are out there, plus you can quickly see some related items on the product pages. In less than an hour, you should be able to generate a list of dozens of products on Amazon.

These are all general guidelines, and there are many niches that are exceptions. You don’t need to find each of the points above but the more you find the better.

So, if the target keyword doesn’t have a search volume over 500, it might still be a viable niche.

Consider a high priced item like a chest freezer – you don’t need to sell as many to earn significant commissions. In addition, you can find dozens of Secondary KWs that can really add up and may be easy to rank in Google.


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