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While many people will call Clickbank yet another affiliate network, that’s not all it is. The platform is more of a marketplace for product creators and affiliates to make money together without cumbersome paperwork or agreements.
A product marketplace for affiliates
As an affiliate marketer, you can jump right in, create your unique affiliate links for thousands of products (more on that later) and start pushing traffic right away. You will also see your earnings in real time.
It’s free to join and there’s no screening process. No cap or complicated metrics. It’s basically a simplified affiliate network, open to anyone that wants to give it a shot.
In case you want to try it out, simply go register on their homepage.
An e-commerce platform for information product owners
As a product owner, you can add your product to the database and ClickBank will take care of all the checkout and e-commerce part, as well as offering an affiliate program for it.
This is great if you don’t want to handle the technical part of things but you have to know that the platform will take quite a bit of money off your sales ($1+7.5% of the sales).
That’s why if you start making some serious sales volume, you may want to move out of the platform eventually. But when you get started and only make a few hundred dollars per day, it’s a great help to not have to deal with all the tech stuff.
Pros & cons of ClickBank
I really like ClickBank and I think it’s a fantastic place for new affiliate marketers to get started without the hassle of more advanced affiliate networks. There’s no cap, you don’t need to be approved for 90% of the offers and you can start selling straight away.
Trust me, that’s a huge plus when you get started and have no track record to show to those big networks.
Here’s a short lists of the pros & cons of the platform:
What is Pros
1. Highly paid offers (75% commission is common)
2. You can sell in most countries
3.Several recurring offers to sell, for ongoing income
4. Takes the tech out of the way
What is Cons
1.Lots of shitty products & sales pages
2.Lots of competition on popular products
3.Hard to tell what does well without investing traffic
4. High costs associated to the e-commerce platform

How to Pick the Right Product to Promote
The best way to get started on ClickBank is to start as an affiliate, promoting pages that have already been optimized, in order to build your sales funnels.
Much like keyword research for SEO, picking the right product to promote on ClickBank is extremely important. No matter how good you are at promoting, if you push traffic to a sales page that doesn’t sell, you will not make much money.
Here is a short video of me going through the ClickBank marketplace to find juicy products to promote.
The Different ClickBank Metrics
Initial $/sale: The average amount of money affiliates make per sale.
Avg %/sale: The % of the sales price affiliates take as a commission on average.
Grav: Gravity, the number of affiliates that sold this product in the last 12 weeks.
Avg Rebill Total: Average $ affiliates take as a commission as a result of rebills.
Avg %/Rebill: % of rebills paid to the affiliate, on average.

What is a great product to promote?
Here are the things we look for when it comes to screening offers to promote:
Low cost initial offer with up to 3 upsales
Video sales pages & “native” sales pages (pages that feel like content)
Products with good reviews online (low refunds = more money and less list burnout)
Gravity above 20 (means that the page converts fairly well)
Traffic & content
This one is pretty straight forward. If you create value only content, getting links using these tactics and getting shares is fairly easy. There’s 3 main ways I recommend you to go after traffic:
SEO – If you’re going to create content, you might as well optimize it for search engines. If you want more info on implementing SEO for your authority site I recommend our free authority SEO course (see what I’m doing here?).
Facebook – Pretty much all audiences are on Facebook and you can get very cheap traffic. I recommend this method by Digital marketer or to build a big fan page, engage it and drive traffic through organic reach (case study coming soon on that one).
Content distribution networks – I don’t have a ton of experience with these but judging by the number of people running this tactic across networks like taboola and outbrain I imagine this must be fairly successful. This works especially well if you’re covering a widespread issue.
Remember there rules. Keep the content clean of promotions (apart from your opt in), give value, establish yourself as an authority and don’t be greedy. That will really set you apart from 99% of affiliates.