Being in the offline business of my own for 25 years and struggling I realized there has to be another way to be successful.
My name is Felix Smotrtskiy and I own an optical retail shop in the upper East Side of Manhattan. I’m doing this for 25 years now. Up until 2008 things were going well and until that point I was pretty much content with my financial aspect of life. But as we all know, economy crashed and it felt as if the lights were switched off and were never really turned on again.
I started searching and came across with the term ” Affiliate Marketing” I started to learn about it and decided to give it a try.
There are no shortcuts to riches, and affiliate marketing is no exception. Therefore there is no substitution for learning and applying… and sometimes failing. The one that does not fail – does not learn. Unfortunately, in my case I was failing more than I expected. I realized that something is missing, and by learning again, I figured I’m missing a mentor…. A person who advise and will steer me to the right direction! So about 6-7 month ago I met a person that I knew for a while who happens to be a multiple 6 figure earner in several Internet Marketing companies. Ever since I started to follow his advices and suggestions, things started to rapidly change for the better with the steady rate of success that is measurable. I do fall from time to time, but i recover very quickly.
So if you are the person who identifies with the same struggles as I had and need to be steered and advised I’m willing to help, but you have to qualify for this help. There are three attributes you need in order to qualify: You need to have an open mind. You need to be committed to success. You need to have faith that it will work for you. If you are an entrepreneur/businessman/businesswoman or you want to become one – understand THERE WILL BE INVESTMENTS NEEDED in your learning process as well as you going to need the tools of the trade. That’s the nature of any business, no matter if it’s offline or online. So….if you’re interested to start a new profitable venture/career, contact me on FaceBook. Send me a friend request as well as a private message, letting me know that you saw my video on YouTube.
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