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[00:32] A lot of people want to get into and want to learn and, and frankly they should because it’s a great way to get into the business.
[01:18] I really want to give people the opportunity to have a place to get started.
[02:03] How to make an extra $500 of income residually a every single month
[02:27] The challenge is that you could wake up every month, every week, sometimes every day, depending upon how active you are
[03:02] Affiliate marketing is also a great opportunity for people who want to build a personal brand.
[03:53] There are very defined in particular programs and there are ways that you can make money.
[04:33] There are so many opportunities and so many different things that you can sell or promote.
[05:27] We raised over $15,000 just from the stage for inner city kids to be able to experience entrepreneurship training to be able to experience personal growth and development.
[05:58] Our accelerator program not only gives you the training, but we also give you the tools to be able to go out there.
[06:59] It’s really important to be able to create some sort of consistency and some sort of ability regardless of whether or not I work
[07:23] You get this income that’s coming in consistently because what you’re doing is you’re leveraging the tools, systems, you’re leveraging the products.
[07:53] Having individual conversations with people and you’re referring, you’re referring your inner circle to the people that’s really valuable.
[08:36] This is really important for you to understand that there is two options. When you’re doing affiliate marketing,
[09:27] And we had so many people who had businesses that wanted chatbots, made that they were like, well, I don’t know how to make it, but I’m going to go to hector and Dan
[10:04] A great way for you to be able to set up relationships and be able to set up partners that can actually bring you business as a, as well.
[11:03] You got to understand the desires and then you’ve got to understand objections
[12:16] I knew people didn’t have their own product. I knew people didn’t have their own service necessarily, but they want to start making money online.
[13:16] You’ve got to have some sort of system of how are you identifying who our potential prospects.
[13:51] We have a affiliate program, which is an incredible program for you to start making money. But the cool thing is, is it also benefits our business as well.
[14:14] You got to find a way to provide value, right? You’ve gotta provide, provide value
[15:28] If you start just building real relationships in this group, those things can turn into real. Those are seeds that can turn into real forest
[16:47] It’s a very tough crowd to be profitable from it unless you are truly, truly passionate about helping entrepreneurs and helping young people or helping people get started,
[18:22] when I got started in the affiliate world, I only had one product that I was that I was selling and that I was really, really promoting.
[19:04] It was very, very profitable for me to spend and devote all my time into one particular avenue because it just made a lot of sense
[19:56] That’s also really, valuable is that if you want to be like a fulltime affiliate marketer, that you have a, a multitude of solutions to be able to offer different people.
[20:34] So after we have solutions or after we have offerings, so then you provide value, you have solutions and then, and then you, and then we can start the sales process.
[22:16] I encourage you to do right, is to build your sales process into your Chat Bot.
[23:25] You qualify them through that through questions or you make them take action on something
[24:06] Change the sales environment. You’ve got to either get them in a different state of mind or physically get them like in a different place.
[25:23] Generate multiple streams of income without having to create your own product or service.
[26:19] Utilize a service that can do the work of 100 virtual assistance.
[27:24] You can make money by selling the affiliate opportunity, which is cool. That’s awesome.
[28:08] To get into this affiliate program, it will be charged $5, 97
[29:24] So we’ve got an age group of entrepreneurs in here who are excited.
[30:19] We’re going to be focusing on helping you guys get started with affiliate marketing