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About Yoonla™:
The Yoonla™ digital lifestyle platform was founded by New Zealand based digital entrepreneur, Reno Van Boven. Back in 2006, after months of 15-hour days using a secondhand laptop, with massive debt, bills to pay and no job, Reno generated his first revenue online. Even though it was only a few hundred dollars, it made him realise the massive potential of the internet. After his first project generated a small success, he went on to create a number of successful projects and products, connecting with many people around the world.

Once he’d discovered how to successfully turn his own passion into a thriving business, it was time to teach others how to do the same, passing on the knowledge he’d gained from 12 years of experience as a digital entrepreneur. From then onwards, all time and energy was spent on creating the most simple and comprehensive digital lifestyle platform around – this is how Yoonla™ was created.

Reno van Boven – Yoonla™ Founder
In just over a year, Yoonla has rapidly become the leading Digital Lifestyle platform, with over 1.5 million members taking the first step in creating their digital lifestyle business from scratch. With a slightly better laptop and his superb team behind him, Reno continues to provide a hands-on and personal approach to support the Yoonla community.

Our goal is to continue building a platform that helps everyone succeed; from our members and affiliates to our advertising partners and staff. In doing so, we hope to give everyone the opportunity to live a Digital Lifestyle they love.

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