The contaminated sites trace the Skripals’ path through Salisbury on the day of the crime.

The most contaminated is Mr. Skripal’s modest brick home, where there is believed to be “object zero,” the surface used to expose the victims. Once exposed, the father and daughter proceeded to a pub and a restaurant in a quaint downtown area. After exiting the restaurant, angling across a grassy area toward their car, the two became suddenly ill, vomiting and collapsing on a bench.

Shortly thereafter, they were loaded into ambulances, which were then potentially contaminated. A police officer who traced their path, Detective Sgt. Nick Bailey, was then exposed, and his house will also be decontaminated.

Matthew Dean, a Salisbury city councilor, said the announcement should reassure tourists, who typically feed the city’s economy during the warm months of summer.

“They say the sites will be clean, there won’t be any trace elements,” he said. “That’s an astonishing thing to say.”

He said he hoped the spy scandal would not deter tourists, and that eventually it might become part of the city’s allure.

“It is so important that Americans come and support their British allies by spending dollars in this medieval city,” he said. “This thing is moving to history. People are going to talk about the spring of 2018.”

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