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Making money on Clickbank fast is quite simple these days with the rise of Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and YouTube Ads. These platforms provide quality leads for minimal cost.

This video will show you Andy Brocklehurst’s advice on how to make money on Clickbank fast. If you don’t know Andy, he’s actually a wildly successful marketer now for more than a decade.

He always puts out high-quality products and studying his emails can put your online marketing game to another level. Andy is one of the good guys in this industry.

So, how did I manage to get his insights on how to make money on Clickbank fast? Well, I am a member of a Facebook group that Andy is also a part of.

I posted a question about how can anyone, without a money and a list, can earn commissions from Clickbank quickly. A lot of solid marketers answered my questions which I am really grateful.

However, Andy is a big gun… one of the internet marketing industry’s top dogs. So his answer stood out to me aside from the fact that he answered in a numbered (bullet point but with numbers instead of bullets) format.

It was easy to digest so I chose to share his answers in this video. If you’re watching this video, pat yourself on the back.

You have taken the first step to being successful on Clickbank marketing. Now, if you follow it up with action, then everything will be yours eventually.

One of the first few tips Andy gave was that you need to gather at least $100 to spend on your marketing. Sell something or work part-time to earn that money (if you don’t have a job).

Sure you can go the free traffic route but those take time and I thought that you wanted to earn money on Clickbank fast? So find a way to get the money because your future financial success is what we’re talking about here.

Then find a Clickbank product you want to promote. Stay away from the Make Money niche for a while.

The reason is some people in that niche will replace your affiliate link with theirs when they buy. Some are foolish I know.

If you don’t want to deal with that, just stay away from any niche that’s related to becoming financially secure.

Andy’s tip is to use Facebook Ads to drive traffic to your offers then all you have to do is reinvest profits earned to your ads then keep testing your landing page. Tweak it until you find a winner.

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