Ishrar Kavir talks about types of affiliate Marketing,how to get into affiliate marketing,You Will gather full knowledge about typs of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing allows for the creation and growth of many different affiliate types. You may have experience in PPC advertising, or you may create original content for sites or blogs, or even a large circle of friends and followers on social networks. Whichever the case, there is certainly a way for you to monetize your knowledge or traffic via affiliate marketing.

The most important (but not only) affiliate types are

The rise of social media and community sites like Facebook and Twitter have led to the creation of a new type of affiliate, who sends users via his/her account on social media websites. Affiliates in this category don’t rely on their sites’ users, but on their circle of friends, followers, members of various social media accounts like Facebook Pages, Twitter accounts, boards on Pinterest etc.

Affiliates in this category run content sites (blogs, websites, portals) and monetize their sites’ traffic, by sending users to advertisers’ pages via banners or text links. These sites can either be general interest sites, in which case they target high volumes of traffic, or niche content sites, in which case the traffic volume is not as high but the conversion rate (from a visit to sale) is much higher, providing the selected affiliate program is related to the content site.

These affiliates own databases of user emails, to which they regularly send out offers and suggestions via newsletter. As with any communication via email, it is crucial that the respective regulation and best practice is followed, i.e. all emails have been collected legally and all users have proactively requested to receive emails from the affiliate. Newsletters usually contain offers and other promotions.

PPC affiliates use their PPC advertising experience or knowledge in order to send users directly to advertisers’ websites (in other words they do not have their own websites), usually via Google Adwords, but also via Facebook and other search engines. This type of affiliate marketing entails a relatively high risk, as affiliates pay for users on a per click basis, but only receives payment from the network once a sale or lead has been completed.

This is the 3rd video in the “All about Affiliate Marketing” video series. These videos are made in the exact order to help newcomers understand what affiliate marketing is, how it works, which are the tools that can help you in affiliate marketing, what to do or not to do.. etc. in order to succeed in this business.