Got an income opportunity to promote and do affiliate marketing? Use this email marketing package that’s specific to affiliate marketing and specifically, helping you promote income opportunities.


The smartest way for you to promote income opportunities

Dear Fellow Affiliate Marketer,

Whatever you think about lead capture and follow-up email marketing, the truth is that it can lead to higher conversions and increased sales for whatever income opportunity you choose to promote.

Because of this, I encourage you to use my turnkey lead capture page and pre-written follow-up autoresponder messages as part of your marketing strategy. I also offer a done-for-you service whereby I’ll set this entire package up for you.

Increase Profits by Working Smarter, Not Harder!

If you think the only way to make a profit, or to increase profits online is by driving more traffic to your website – you’re only half right. While that is always important, the most effective way to convert your website visitors into paying customers is through follow-up marketing.

You can’t expect your prospects to buy from you the first time they see your website. Do you buy like that?

Successful affiliate marketers like me know that on average:

1. a prospects needs to see your offer more than once before they buy (that’s in any business or market)

2. you only have seconds to capture their attention and make them take action before they are gone forever

3. you have to build trust

4. you have to fill a need

5. you have to offer the right solution

6. and you have to build a relationship

Making sales can be difficult if you are simply relying on only driving new traffic to your offers each day.

Like I said in the beginning, stop promoting income opportunities directly. It simply doesn’t work. You need your own lead capture page and your own autoresponder messages.

You need to FIRST capture that prospects name and email address and turn them into a LEAD if you expect to make consistent and predictable affiliate sales online!

The single ingredient that is stopping you from making money promoting income opportunities is not having a profit-pulling email marketing campaign.

Because I know this as a fact, and because I know successful affiliates that promote income opportunities make lead capture and follow-up email marketing a priority in their advertising, I have put together a turnkey lead capture page and pre-written autoresponder messages that will turn a prospect into a lead and a lead into a paying customer.