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**Please note: This item is a set of 5 refill ink bottles only, CIS and cartridges are not included.** These bottles are designed for direct filling into your refillable cartridges. You can use this ink to fill OEM cartridges but you must know how to and you must have your own tools to do so as we don’t provide additional info for refilling OEM cartridges. Refill ink for Brother 4 color cartridges printers : Easy and safe Refill Process -Our ink bottle has easy fill spout tip. It fills directly into your CIS/CISS and refillable cartridges Ink Quality and Origin -Our ink is made in USA and it is made specific according to OEM cartridge number(not universal ink). Our ink also has the same standard as OEM which includes colors, PH, surface tension, viscosity, and filtration. -Other cheaper imported ink is usually universal ink and has lower standard. Colors will be off as well. UV Resistant (against fading) -Our USA made ink has the highest UV resistant rating on market which prevents colors from fading -Other cheaper imported ink either has no UV or very low rating which will cause your prints to fade very soon and eventually disappear completely. Ink Bottle Volume -500ml total, 100ml/bottle -The set includes all 4 colors(M,C,Y,2 X BK)Inks made in USA
Fills directly w/ our spout tip bottle + free 4 syringes/ needles
Highest rating UV resistant inks on market
5 bottles/ set, 2 X Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow
Total of 500ml.(100ml per bottle) 4 colors