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There is something no one has ever told you before much
less showed you.  You know that we live in an incredible time of opportunity. 
It is now easier for you to start a business thanks to the power of the
internet than it has been at any moment in human history.

Not only is everyone you know and millions upon
millions of others online, but the internet is now easier to use than it
has ever been before too.

I know because I have been running a big online
business practically all by myself since 1999.

When I started out Google wasn’t even the biggest
search engine on the internet and Facebook didn’t exist.

And the big Internet marketing gurus of today
weren’t even around.

But more importantly I had to learn so much that you
just don’t need to think about now.

For instance I spent weeks in 1999 learning HTML
coding to build my own webpages and it took me days to figure out how to
make an opt-in form and send emails.

Now with Clickfunnels you can make not only webpages,
but an entire funnel with the snap of a finger.

What took me weeks to figure out how to do now takes
just a few hours (if that) to implement by pressing buttons.

That means huge opportunity for anyone, because if
you got an idea you can just do it.

And yet there is a strange paradox.

You see – since it’s so easy to launch a funnel
there are now endless funnels everywhere that have been created and most
of them don’t work!

The problem for the funnel creator is not

In fact competition has not hurt me one bit. 
Competitors can be allies in fact!

And I wouldn’t be telling you what I’m about to tell
if you I didn’t think we could help each other.

The problem is that most people launching funnels
don’t really know how to make them work, because they don’t know what to
put in them and how to make them run.

Don’t get me wrong they know lots of tactics.

In fact they know tactics that I did not know when I
started out online years ago and I still look to learn new tactics all of
the time, because there are smart people out there teaching them.

But almost all funnel creators are missing strategy.

And without a solid foundation a funnel won’t
function properly even when used with the newest and most powerful tactics
in the world.

The reality is that the solid strategies are taught
by few.

And the reason why is because almost everyone is
teaching theories and not showing how the theories are applied to reality. 
It is when both are put together that magic happens.

It is then that a funnel functions and when a funnel
functions a real business rises up on the internet to help those that get
into the funnel and reward you if you make it right.

And today I’m going to show you how to do it.

First let me tell you who I am.

My name is Michael Swanson.  I’m well known in
the stock trading and gold investing world with my website, because I’ve been running a
membership site in that niche since 1999 and have a large email list with
tens of thousands of people on it.

I sell my membership program on Clickbank as one of
their top 100 platinum people.

That’s how big it is.

But I’m not an internet marketing guru and have
never talked about my business before – until now that is.

And the thing is today you don’t even need your own
product to start a powerful funnel, because you can sell other people’s
products as an affiliate.

But you still need a solid foundation and what I
have to show you from my experiences can help you build that.


Ok I have no problem admitting it.  I did not
invent this.

You see I have bought a LOT of internet marketing courses
over the years. Take a look at this photo.  What you are seeing is my
closet of internet marketing courses I bought and got in the mail over the
years. There is no telling how much money I have spent on courses and you
aren’t even seeing the ones that are online or saved on my hard drive.

The things is I wish these courses were around when
I started out, because there was practically nothing back then to help me
get started and I still
buy new courses from time to time when I see something that is going to
give me a new tactic I can use and almost every course I have bought has
done just that.

Don’t let people tell you that online marketing
courses are bad.

I know a lot of people buy lots of courses and are
then told what they have is a pile of stuff.  You might think I’m in
a special position to be able to buy more, because I have a successful
business I can apply them to.

And if you think that you are right.  No one is
going to tell me not to buy another course.

And no one is going to tell me that learning more
about internet marketing and online business building is a waste of time.

The trick is to treat a single online course like a
business building block.

When you do that something big can happen.

This is a snap shot of my Clickbank account.


It’s easy to see what a fully working functional funnel can

The thing is if you already have an online business
I am here to show you how to take it to the next level and if you haven’t
made a penny online yet and already have a pile of courses I’m here to bust a
giant myth for you.

This myth is in fact the biggest misconception about
online marketing and business building there is.

A couple of years ago back around 2010 I joined a regional Dan
Kennedy group in North Carolina.

It was a group of people that were subscribers to
his newsletter and big fans of his that were meeting up.

I took the hour drive to go to their meetings for
about a year and learned some stuff.

But a lot of the people attending were total newbies
to marketing and they were seeing these giant internet marketing launches
that were happening at the time and fell into a terrible misconception.

They would be on the email list for one big guru and
see that he was promoting a launch at the same time that other gurus were.

They could see that things were being coordinated
and indeed word came out soon that there was a big “syndicate” behind
these launches.

Some of the people I met going to these Dan Kennedy
meetings came to believe that the only way you could sell online is if you
have someone big behind you that is launching you.

Now Dan Kennedy didn’t tell them this.  It was
the big internet gurus who made them feel small and made them think that
they already needed a big email list or someone with a big list to
promote them.

And without either in hand already – believing this myth crushed them.

But it isn’t real.

I know this is a big myth, because it is not how I
started my business up in 1999.

I had nothing and knew nobody.

All I did was make a funnel.

I spent just a few hundred dollars at the most to
all together
buy a domain name, host my website, and get an email list server provider.

That’s was it and with one smart tactic I made a
funnel with 15,000 people in it.

I hadn’t spent a penny on advertising to do that and
no one promoted my funnel or helped me.

Yes today I spend money on advertising, have learned
from the best there is about SEO, and have gotten to know some big and
powerful people in the online business world in the internet marketing
niche and the investing niche.

But none of that is necessary to launch and grow a
funnel so that it can reach escape velocity.

It can be done for practically nothing if you know

And once you do you’ll find that people come to you.


I am happy to announce that I have just created an
entire online funnel business building video course for you showing you
all of the strategies and lessons I have learned from the experiences I
have had growing my own business.

I am going to show you how I take the things I
learned in the courses and apply them to launch new big successful funnels

I am going to show you with over the shoulder videos
my real business and how it works.

I am going to show you reality. 

If you are interested in selling your own products
or generating an income through affiliate marketing this series is for

Now when I launched my first funnel with practically
no money down and no help it changed my life, but I didn’t know what I was
doing and a key ingredient was missing.

And as a result in three years my funnel was on the
verge of collapse.

And so I learned what is needed to make any funnel
work and succeed, because I had to.

And then I fixed it. 

And then I launched another one and have been
involved in countless more ever since.

Today I think of a funnel as a rocket.

If you put the right ingredients into it then you
can launch it so it reaches the stratosphere, but then to build a real
sustainable funnel business you have to know how to put a second booster
on that rocket to make it reach escape velocity.

Yes this course is not free, but once you see how it
works you’ll see why.

Ok so go buy the course for only one lifetime charge (the link is at the bottom
or top of this page) and here is what you’ll get:

It’s a 30-day program over four weeks.

Once you get in you’ll have access to a special
course owners members area.

Then in each week I’m going to send you a series of
videos for that week in the members area.

I’m going to start out showing you in detail how my
business operates and the key lessons I have learned over the years.

Then I’m going to show you how I would start from
scratch today if I were to do so.

If I was going to make a product this is what I’d be
sure to do and if I had none and wanted to start out as an affiliate
marketer I’ll show you how I would choose a product to promote and how I would sell

Then I’ll show you what is needed to make a funnel
really work.

And I’m going to show you advanced long-term funnel business
building tactics that I have never seen anyone talk about.

There is a reason I’m not going to just dump all of
this on you at once, but send you the material over the course of four

First of all you are more likely to consume it and
not get overwhelmed.  I believe in building a business the same way
one would stack blocks together, because that’s the best way to learn to. 
It’s about going forward with steps and blueprints.

However, you need to grab this offer by midnight on
Friday the 13th, because our first bonus coaching session is going to be
on the following Thursday and I want to make sure you get the first week’s
of material before the coaching starts.

So to get in and begin just hit the buy button:

Now the second reason I’m going to do this over a
few weeks is that I’m also going to have two massive bonuses that
goes with the course!


Now along with the course you will also be able to
participate in four weeks of live group coaching mastermind sessions as a
special bonus in the private members area.

If you can’t make it live to any of these sessions
for any reason don’t worry, because you will have access to the
recordings of them.

In each session you and other members of the group
can ask me any questions about the course material and get any help you
need when it comes to online marketing and any plans you are thinking
about implementing.

If you are thinking of getting into a specific niche
this is the place to get a second opinion on it.

If you have a product or funnel you are putting
together I’ll look at it and give you my input.

You won’t have to fly to a conference or drive for
hours to be a part of these sessions, because it will all be done online
and you will not be alone.

It will be like being a part of the type of high
level marketing mastermind group people pay tens of thousands of dollars
to join.


After the four week Funnel Business Blocks Course is
over I’m going to launch an entirely new funnel using Clickfunnels and do
it with you live.

I’m going to put everything you have learned from the
course in action in real life and show you how it can all be done.

We’re going to make a funnel from nothing.

And I’m going to show you the steps I take to
get initial traffic into a funnel to get started.

And I’m going to show you what I would sell to make
the funnel go and how I sell it.

What is the best price point that works?  What
is the best type of offer to make as an affiliate or on your own?

This is going to be how to start from scratch and
this bonus will give you a blue print for you to launch with Clickfunnels
something new of your own.

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