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Written by: Anthony Smith
Length: 54 mins
Language: English
Why sit at home, wasting money on long books, pointless tutorials and products that give empty promises in telling you the secrets to learn how to create a steady massive, passive income online from the comfort of your PJs? Let’s face it, none of us have the time or money to be wasting on products such as these, especially when you can create your own source of income with the right tips, tricks, and know-how, offered right inside this book!
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This book will not provide you with fake promises and websites that lead you down dead-end roads with nowhere to turn. With dedication, time, patience, as well as some sweat and a few shed tears, you can genuinely make a grand passive income if you stick to the easy steps within this book! I cannot promise you overnight success, but I can promise you that you will gain the confidence to grab cyberspace by its horns and make it work for you!
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