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At only 29 years old, John Crestani has accomplished amazing things.  He went
off to college in 2006, and in 2009, at only 21, traveled to Thailand to “find”
himself.  During his travels he read many spiritual works, like the Alchemist,
that would later influence his life. But a business book, written by Tim
Ferriss, was the one that factored in the most: The 4-Hour Workweek.  It was the
book that was to help him transform himself into becoming a motivated and
successful internet entrepreneur.
John spent several years with some trials and errors while building his
business, but finally managed to hit on what worked.  He has built a
multi-million dollar business, got married and now travels the world. In 2016,
he had his first child. He went from deep in debt, to having a successful,
cashflow-positive business, that supports his life.
As of late he’s gone on to build an empire in education, and is teaching a
handful of aspiring entrepreneurs how they, too, can transition to the new
entrepreneurial economy, and be the boss of themselves. Currently Crestani is
preparing for the release of his new platform; a dramatic new business model
focused on helping others gain control of their time.
John hopes to share his experience and wants others to become part of a
community of people who share similar aspirations. “Now is the only time to
start living life on your own terms,” exclaims Crestani, adding “I hope to help
people in any way I can.” He has been featured on Forbes, Business Insider,
Inc., Medium, Home Business, CBS News as well as on radio stations such as KGO
810AM (San Francisco), CFAX 1070 Radio, (Victoria, BC), Fox News Radio, 820 AM
KGNW (Seattle), WSVA (Harrison, VA) and the Michael Blum Show to name just a
TUNE IN to this episode as John chats with Steve, Mary, and Richard about how he
built a $500-a-month business while traveling the world.
Affiliate marketing… it’s simply commission only sales. @johncrestaniTweet
In This Episode

1 – Earning commissions selling other people’s products; John is a new dad… and
now he’s grounded; It all began in college with a PDF study guide; The income
2 – Back in the days of Linkshare; All you’re doing is making product
recommendations; Why affiliate marketing gets a bad rap; Sell to women and rich
3 – FTC disclosure in affiliate marketing; When you start taking away
marketshare from the big guys; Everybody has their own referral system; Amazon
has the low hanging fruit

Resources Mentioned
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