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Hi, I’m John Corcoran, I’m a former White House Writer, attorney-entrepreneur, and contributor for Forbes, Entrepreneur and Business Insider.

Let me ask you a couple of questions.

Because I have some good news…

Picture this. It’s a weeknight, around dinner time. You’ve just wrapped up a long day and you still have a million things on your “to do” list that will have to wait until tomorrow.

Your family is at home, but you are hustling across town to make it to a “networking” event. You need to “show your face,” even though your gut tells you it’s going to be a waste of time.

You show up, and it’s a massive room – chock full of people you don’t know.

You struggle to figure out who you should talk to, and you’re not sure if the people you do talk to are the “right” people.

You force yourself to make small talk, while inside you’re secretly screaming… and you would do anything to run far away.

Then you get stuck talking to someone who immediately launches into why you need to hire him, and you’re stuck in a sales pitch you can’t get out of. Yuck.

Or maybe you don’t mind talking to new people… but then you struggle to move from that casual conversation at a cocktail party to an actual client and actual revenue for your business.

Was it worth going to this event?  Maybe one of these relationships will pan out. Maybe you’ll get a client out of it – if you’re lucky.

Most of the time, it’s a total waste of time.

Let me introduce you to a MUCH better approach… one which has taken me from the White House to Hollywood to Silicon Valley and beyond…

Woah… that looks just like the White House on TV.

Now, at this point you may be wondering… wait a second, did you say you worked at the White House? Like where the President lives – that White House?

(Yes, I worked at that White House.)

If you were curious how I got that gig, you aren’t alone. It’s one of the most common questions I get.

The answer may surprise you… and it’s an important lesson in the world of business.

I actually didn’t come from a well-connected family. My parents were not high-level donors. I didn’t have any Senators who were distant relatives.

In fact, for most of my life, my parents worked common, middle class jobs … my mother was a travel agent and my father a journalist.

And I was no stranger to what struggling felt like. Three separate times while I was growing up, my father got laid off. Our family struggled for months to make ends meet – my mother had to work as much as she could and we slashed expenses right and left.

Each time it happened, we had to move thousands of miles away in search of new work. Away from friends and family.

I didn’t go to any Ivy League school and I didn’t have the best grades.

In fact, I got a B.A. in English. From a party school.

So how did I end up at the White House – writing the President’s words? At 23 years old?

Well, simply put… I know how to build relationships with the right people.

After my father got laid off when I was 13 years old, it lit a fire under me. It inspired me to study successful people to figure out what made them “tick.”

During my teenage years, I devoured biographies and autobiographies… about Presidents… Actors… Athletes… Market-leading Entrepreneurs.

What I found was that successful people – particularly seasoned entrepreneurs – all did a great job of (a) identifying who were the influencers in their field who they should build relationships with, and (2) going out and building those relationships.

They ALL knew how to identify with precision WHO they needed to develop relationships with, and then they followed through on it.

Those relationships were always a big factor in each of their successes.

So I applied that to my life. I started focusing in on building key relationships with the right influencers and VIPs who could help me land amazing opportunities.

And by my late teens, I started seeing huge results.

After I spent a semester during college as a White House intern in the speechwriting office, I returned to college with my sights set on coming back as a writer. Even though the White House takes thousands of interns per year, few of those interns end up getting hired.

But I knew who my influencers were: the speechwriters.

So what did I do? I spent the time after returning to college continuing to deliver value to those speechwriters.

Did I email them once a week asking for a job? Absolutely not.

I would clip out newspaper and magazine articles and send them to the speechwriters. I would email them to ask about their interests and hobbies. I would find quotes from past speeches and mail them in. Whatever I could find to make their lives easier.

And what do you know… before long, I got an email from one of the speechwriters to tell me about the opening.

(By the way, you don’t see jobs like this on Craigslist. You need to know someone.)

If I hadn’t clearly identified who my influencers were, picked relevant ways to keep in touch and provide value, and implemented a follow up strategy, I never would have gotten that job.

This is a system I’ve been able to implement over and over again in different industries.

The lesson in all of this is that it’s critically important that you are clear on your goals. You need to know who your influencers are – whether they are world famous, or simply successful business owners in your local community. (If you don’t know, I can help.)

Second, you need to figure out your means of attack – what types of ways you want to deliver value. And third, you need to implement a follow up strategy.

So what stops us from doing all of this?

I’ve studied the mental blocks that plague so many entrepreneurs and professionals and literally prevent them from ever establishing relationships with the key influencers and VIPs in their industries.

Even though we all are fully aware that those relationships could make a huge difference in our businesses.

These mental blocks are FAR more damaging than we would care to admit. In fact, I think they are the #1 biggest barrier holding us back.

Bigger than lack of financial resources. Bigger than having access to the right tools. Bigger than “knowing how to find an influencer’s email address.”

I’ve met people whose psychological baggage is the only thing keeping them from making more money, working with their dream clients, spending more time with family or creating a little more freedom in their life.

And I’ve found there are certain common limiting beliefs that most people share when it comes to building relationships with influencers:

This is the most common refrain I hear again and again. And it is simply not true.

We look up to some successful influencers – perhaps a business owner who has dozens of employees and a business earning multiple seven figures of revenue per year – and we think there’s no possible way we could have “anything to offer” that influencer.

So what do we do? We give up. We don’t even try.

In fact, it’s not hard to find ways in which you can “provide value” to the influencers you meet.

All you really need to do is learn about the influencers you want to meet. You need to be attuned to their needs and wants.

Once you know what they need (rather than what you want), you can be responsive to it and help them tremendously.

Where do you find information about influencers you want to meet?

Not that long ago, it could be very difficult to find information about the influencers in your industry, particularly if they kept a low profile.

Today, it is much easier. Social media websites or simply googling a person’s name can reveal a lot of information about that person.

You may be able to learn a bit about his or her interests, hobbies, family members, and even favorite sporting teams. All of this information is valuable when you are looking for ways to “connect” with someone.

One of the most common barriers I hear frequently is “I just don’t have the time.”

Its sounds something like this: “I recognize it’s all about who you know… but I just have so much on my plate right now… my ‘to do’ list is a mile long. I need to service these clients, pick up the dry cleaning… you name it.”

So what happens? Do they create any progress? Nothing happens.
The truth is, you don’t need much time to build relationships with influencers and VIPs in your industry. You can build relationships in just 10 minutes/day.

The key is consistency and building the right habit under the right system.

Do you really think if you only had the email address of a few VIPs, that would be enough?

We like to think there’s a quick solution, a “hack” that will accelerate our progress.

It’s simply not true. Sure, you need to find email addresses to reach out to certain VIPs, but there are many other ways of reaching out which may even be more effective.

This is like saying “I could be an astronaut, if I just had a rocket ship.” The logic is fundamentally flawed.

But there is a better way.

Now let’s imagine a much better approach.

Let’s picture a scene very different from the situation we described earlier. Instead of rushing to get to get to a networking event after work, this time you’re home for dinner.

You spend time with your family. You help the kids get to bed. You have dinner with your spouse.

On the weekends, you get a workout in or go out to lunch and a movie with your family instead of heading off to an out-of-town conference for more networking.

Instead of trying to meet masses of people, you are laser-focused in your approach.

You’ve identified in advance WHO you want to develop and deepen relationships with, so you remain focused on your goal.

And whenever you encounter a challenge, hurdle or struggle in your business, you have a number of “A-players” in your industry who you can call.

You can literally make a call, send a text, or send an email and within a couple of hours you have an answer back from these influencers.

Most importantly, your business revenues continue to grow as your relationships grow and build on one another. It all snowballs…

There is a better way you can do all of this…

Connect with Influencers is a step-by-step video course on how to develop relationships with the VIPs and Influencers in your industry, and turn those relationships into opportunities and revenues.

Connect with Influencers is for a business professional, service professional, business owner or entrepreneur who wants to increase their leads and sales and attract more clients, build an “A-level” network of VIP connections in their industry, and grow their revenues.

If you’re a coach or consultant, small business owner, CPA, lawyer, author/speaker, and you need more leads and sales, want to attract more clients and better clients, and you recognize the importance of relationships to drive referrals, then this course is perfect for you.

But this is not a “get rich quick” scheme. If you jump from one “shiny object” to another every week, then this is not a good course for you. If however, you are willing to put in the work and be consistent without getting distracted by the next “shiny object,” then this course can really work for you.

This course is based on my proven system which I used earlier in my career to land jobs at the White House, as a Speechwriter to the Governor of California, as an early employee of DreamWorks, and working with startup founders in the heart of Silicon Valley, right across the street from eBay. It’s the system I’ve taught others and I’ll teach you as well.

Connect with Influencers is a comprehensive, step-by-step system for growing your income and attracting more clients by building genuine relationships with influencers and VIPs, even if you “hate networking” or don’t have any time, without feeling salesy.

You can download all of the worksheets and PDFs to save or print out.

You receive top-notch training from experts in business and social dynamics

Share your successes with the community!

We won’t leave you hanging. We give you a system you can follow step-by-step.

Within minutes of making the decision to buy, you can get started

A step-by-step system for turning your relationships into revenues

You get access to over two dozen high-definition videos and training screencasts.

Worksheets, Handouts and Tools

We give you everything you need – worksheets, handouts and tools – to help you get clear on your goals, overcome fear of rejection or fear of failure, build up your self-confidence, and ALWAYS have something to talk about with any VIP you meet.

Private community of other like-minded top performers in the making

You also get access to our private Facebook community, where I and others just like you will help you with brainstorming ideas, strategizing, and answering questions

Connect with Influencers contains the “best of the best” of my 20 years of experience working my way to the top, working for VIPs such as Steven Spielberg and Bill Clinton. I give you exact steps, specific strategies, and time-saving hacks that will have you building your powerful VIP network in no time.

Jeremy Hall spent over 15 years active duty in the U.S. military, and when he left active duty, he had almost no work experience in the private sector.

He was finishing up his degree in Philosophy at a school in the midwest, but he had his heart set on working for a tech startup – most of which were thousands of miles away in Silicon Valley.

He knew almost no one in the tech industry and had no technical skills, but he was determined nevertheless.

As he was finishing up his degree, he decided he needed to learn how to connect with people who could help him land a job after graduation. That’s when he decided to invest in the Connect with Influencers course.

He started implementing the CWI strategies immediately, connecting with mid-level executives with tech companies via social media and email, and sharing articles and making introductions as he worked his way up the ladder, connecting with higher level executives and CEOs.

Here’s Jeremy in his own words:

“The course was incredible – it gave me a step-by-step plan I could follow through on, and it gave me the confidence, tools and ideas to start building relationships with VIPs in the tech industry.

Just a few months later, I landed a job with an amazing startup – LeadPages – right in my backyard. I had connected with their CEO, Clay Collins, through reaching out on Twitter. After we initially connected, he later said he couldn’t believe how I had learned so much so quickly and was blown away by my intensity.

It all came because I learned the skills necessary to be a competitive candidate within the tech industry in a short amount of time and I figured out how to share valuable information with influencer’s and VIPs over time. The result was that a new position was created for me in “special projects” working directly with Clay.

Now, I’m making a very comfortable income that allows me to live a great lifestyle right now and I manage choice projects that significantly impact our growth and revenue at LeadPages.”

“Just wanted to share with you what recently happened to me – I was participating in a conference in Barcelona, and one of the keynote speakers was Carl Schramm, the former President of the Kauffman Foundation. Definitely a VIP. That kind of person I had always looked at from a distance, fearing to come up and present myself. However, this time something pushed me to try and go out of my comfort zone; I wanted so badly to put into practice all those tips you’ve been so generously and kindly sharing in your ebook and newsletters. This time I felt inspired.”

“As a real estate professional, I found John’s ideas electrifying. John’s fluency with social media, email campaigns, and good old-fashioned relationship management is impressive. John works on several levels, including personal motivation, goal setting, time management and networking innovation. By the end of his course I had implemented weekly written goals to increase my database, focused my energy on the most productive daily activities, expanded my reach into local businesses, and created and posted my first YouTube video to promote my business. It was fun! The tools John provided have improved the amount and quality of contacts with my sphere of influence, and I’ve enjoyed the resulting increase in referrals very much.  John’s course provides a structure for improvement on many levels, which I look forward to continuing.”

“The class was very helpful for me.  I found it useful that you were “positive” in nature, almost like a coaching session.  Not in the sense of an inspirational pep talk, but by providing useful ideas and the start of or confirming an outline, system or approach.  I have put in a fair amount of time attempting to network and working on better ways to do it, but I am not really personally connected with most of my connections or with many people who will reciprocate. The class definitely have helped me to add structure to what I am doing.  The course and the homework assignments were challenging, in a good way. I have been working on my conversations, organizations and events spreadsheets.  This will take a while, but it is well worth it and badly needed for me.”

“How much is that one connection worth to you? You know which one I’m talking about. John Corcoran will help you make that connection (plus a bunch of others). Implement what John has to say and watch your network (and life) transform.”

“I just want to let you know that your chat with Jordan Harbinger, over on the Art of Charm podcast, was the absolute best and most detailed explanation that I’ve ever heard.  Myself, I’ve always put a good amount of effort into making connections with people socially, and –– in an intuitive sense –– I’ve had a basic understanding of how connections are created, but I’d never heard the process outlined so specifically (nor systemized) the way that you and Jordan discussed.  Absolute pure solid gold. Again, your chat with Jordan was incredible.  I can guarantee I’ll be playing that podcast again and again.”

“John Corcoran has produced an excellent primer on how to network effectively so that everyone wins. He realizes that relationships need to be developed and nurtured long before you need them – well in advance of when you need to call on a favor or for help. I thought it was a great read, packed with practical tips and suggestions.”

“John offers a tremendous course in strategically building your social contacts. He combines his personal experience and anecdotes with success stories and alternative strategies from first hand relationships and discussions to deliver strategies and techniques that can be implemented immediately to enhance your own career. John’s course allows you to aggressively build your network in a positive way with an emphasis on making yourself helpful to others without expecting a return.”

John Corcoran is a great guy, super connected, knows his stuff and walks his talk.

John Corcoran is someone I trust for sound, practical advice. Recently, I was stumped as I was working through an issue with my business. He and I got on the phone and he helped me think through my idea in a way I couldn’t after hours of trying. He is a creative problem solver whose background in politics gives him a unique take on business.

“I’ve had my eye on John Corcoran for awhile now. He’s an excellent writer, and I was honored to have him write for me at Boost Blog Traffic.”

John Corcoran really knows his stuff when it comes to networking. You don’t get a job at the White House at age 23 unless you really know how to connect with people. His advice on how to broaden your network is worth its weight in gold.

“John Corcoran knows his stuff when it comes to how to use relationships to get ahead. He has great tips on building and nurturing relationships in a way that doesn’t feel ‘sleazy’ or like you’re only in it for yourself.”

John Corcoran has a wide variety of experience that gives him a very dynamic take on business. He’s worked in the heart of three major industries – at the center of Washington D.C. politics at the White House, in Hollywood, and in Silicon Valley. John is an excellent networker, but networking without substance is useless. He actually backs it up by truly caring about making a personal connection with you, and he goes out of his way to help be useful, whether that means helping with legal advice, business advice, or recommending an awesome burrito place.

“When I wrote How to Work a Room and Secrets of Savvy Networking, people were just starting to understand the importance of nurturing relationships in the world of business. Today, with social media becoming more pervasive and careers more fluid, relationships are more important than ever. John Corcoran has some topnotch suggestions and ideas about how you can nurture relationships in a savvy way in business today.  Listen to what he says and implement it, and you will see great results!”

“damn you write a great cold email… dude, you’re a pimp.”

“John Corcoran is the real deal. He’s sincere, open and honest, and is one of the best I know at developing relationships in a way that is win-win for everyone. Follow and implement what he has to say.”

High-definition videos and screencasts making up 8 modules

At no additional cost, you get free updates to the course – for life (priceless)

Introducing… The Email Template Toolbox.

The Email Template Toolbox will allow you to see (and use) the exact emails I send to influencers and VIPs in order to build relationships and grow my business.

With CWI Elite membership or above, you will get lifetime access to this toolbox. Never waste time trying to craft the perfect email to a new contact – you’ll now have over 30 email templates to choose from. Just fill in your specifics and hit send!

Here’s how it works – 3 simple steps:

Introducing… The Email Bullseye Tool

The Email Bullseye Tool will allow you to find impossible-to-reach VIPs’ email addresses in seconds.

With CWI Elite membership or above, you will get lifetime access to this time-saving software tool. Never wonder “if I only had his email address…” again.

Here’s how it works – 3 simple steps:

Using this strategy, I was able to find Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk’s email addresses in under 60 seconds.

As a CWI Elite member, you are entitled to 100 free email credits from Sellhack, a service which helps you to find email addresses.

Spend more time meeting with prospects and less time trying to find them with this tool that let’s you take control of your pipeline.

I am so certain that this program will work for you that I’m willing to remove virtually ALL risk for you. In fact, I brainstormed the best possible guarantee and I actually came up with TWO separate “no risk” guarantees.

If you join Connect with Influencers and decide within 30 days that it’s not for you, just email me and we’ll send you a refund. I’m giving you a 30-day “test drive” so you can do a full evaluation of the course to decide for yourself if it’s a good fit.
The only condition is that you have to do the homework for module 1. After all, it is a test drive – so we just ask that you give it a shot.

If you put in the time, follow the process, do the work, and reach out for help when you need help, I guarantee that you will start generating more referrals and attract more clients to easily get a good return on your investment, or 2X or 3X your investment. If you don’t get those results, we’ll meet with you 1-on-1 to get back on track. And remember – you have lifetime access to this program. So if you decide the timing is not right for you to go through the course right now, you can use the material in the course later. But you can lock in lifetime access today at today’s price. And you’ll even get all future updates for free. I am certain I will be increasing the price in the future, so locking in your investment at today’s price will protect you from having to pay a higher price in the future.

Q: Is this a course about networking?
A: No. This is a course and a community dedicated to showing you how to grow sincere and honest relationships in a “win-win” way with influencers and VIPs. You will NEVER hear me advocate sleazy old-school networking tactics like passing out business cards at random.
Q: Will I receive anything in the mail?
A: No. This product 100% digital. The good news is that you will not have to wait for this program to arrive in the mail. You will get INSTANT ACCESS. You can begin identifying which Influencers and VIPs you plan to connect with first within minutes of making the decision to buy.
Q: What happens after I purchase Connect with Influencers?
A: Immediately after paying, you will be access to the program. You will also receive an e-mail confirmation.  You can then access all of the videos, worksheets, handouts, and spreadsheets.

Q: What if this doesn’t meet my needs?
A: No problem. I offer a full 60-day money-back guarantee. If you buy Connect with Influencers today and don’t agree that it’s worth every penny I said it was, I will promptly refund your money. No questions asked. No hassle. Just send me an email and I will refund your money. You have my word on it.
Q: How do I get a refund?
A: Just send me an e-mail and we will instantly refund your money. (Okay, if it’s the middle of the night here, it might be the next business day.)
Q: How long will I have access to this program?
A: You will have lifetime access to this program as long as it exists. You can download all of the handouts, worksheets and spreadsheets directly to your local computer. If at any point in the future we remove the program from the market (we have no plans to do so), we’ll make sure you get to retain a full copy of all content in the course before we do so.
Q: What if I have other questions?
No problem. Feel free to contact us with any questions here.

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CWI OCTOBER BONUSES – Connect with Influencers: A step-by-step system to turn your relationships into revenues — Connect with Influencers is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.