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Whether you are exercising at a moderate to high intensity, your body will produce a certain amount of inflammation… and without proper recovery, this inflammation will cause damage to your muscles and your heart… and you won’t even see one noticeable change to your belly fat…

As time goes on… this inflammation will lead to premature aging and increase your risk of heart disease, diabetes and various types of cancers…

Not only is working out for more than 30 minutes hurting your progress, but aren’t you just sick of working out for that long?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just do a quick 4-minute bodyweight workout at home and see better results?

On this VERY PAGE you will discover this new revolutionary 4-minute sequence that specifically targets belly fat and transforms your midsection into a lean and ripped six-pack. And…

After performing countless studies on the highest performing athletes in the world… there was one select group that stood out when it comes to specifically torching off belly fat at such a rapid rate using small bursts of specific exercises.

The 4-Minute solution that you will now discover will contain EVERYTHING you need to finally get your dream midsection WITHOUT worrying if you’re the “right fit” for this solution.

When you exercise for too long (even at 30-minutes) your body will eat away at your muscles, which is responsible for having a healthy metabolism. On top of that, exercising for that long will increase your cortisol levels making you store belly fat instead of burning it off.

Every day that passes by where you exercise longer than you need to, your metabolism will only get slower and you will start to GAIN belly fat instead of losing it… and you will end up more frustrated than ever.

Solution: In as little as 4-minutes, you can create a HUGE surge in your metabolism using a very specific sequence that will not cause you to lose muscle and will even decrease your cortisol levels making you melt off belly fat FAST.

As you continue to exercise for long periods of time, you will DAMAGE your Thyroid Glands, which is responsible for producing the fat burning hormones T4 and T3. And once you have low levels of T4 and T3… it will be
next to IMPOSSIBLE to ever see a flat stomach or a ripped six-pack.

If you have recently experienced a plateau, you may be suffering from this. It is very important that you STOP exercising for long periods of time and apply the information from this article.

Solution: This specific 4-minute sequence will enhance your body’s fat burning hormones and drastically increase your T4 and T3 hormones so high that you’ll be burning off TONS of belly fat, even while you SLEEP.

When you exercise for a long period of time, your risk of injury drastically increases and the impact on your joints slowly takes it’s toll…. to the point where you’ll feel a lot older than your actual age.

This problem becomes even more drastic if you’re overweight… the last thing you should be doing is exercising for longer than 30 minutes or your joints will wear out and you will have a chronic injury very soon.

Solution: Keeping your workouts short, yet effective will provide all the benefits of losing belly fat fast without having to stress your joints. And when you apply this specific sequence, you’ll be surprised by how fast you start to see your abs.

You see, it isn’t your fault you haven’t been able to burn off the belly fat that you truly desire… you were just bombarded with information that you have to workout longer than you actually need to…

When in reality, all you need is JUST 4-minutes.

This is the FIRST time that anything like this has been available on the Internet.
Here’s why this 4-minute method is BETTER than anything you have ever tried before:

❯❯ Each movement is specifically sequenced to optimize your fat burning hormones so that you can fully reap
the belly fat burning benefits AFTER your workout and even while you sleep.

❯❯ These specific sessions only last for a total of 4-minutes, meaning it can EASILY fit anyone’s busy schedule.

❯❯ If you can get MORE result in just 4-minutes, would you do it? Heck YES!

❯❯ Imagine by this time next week, you notice your waist get smaller; your belly starts to shrink and your abs become more noticeable.

❯❯ You will be motivated to continue with these sequences because of how fast you’re seeing results compared to other fitness programs out there where it will take you forever to even drop one inch off your waist.

❯❯ Not only will you see noticeable results in the first 7 days… you’ll continue to melt off those last stubborn pounds off your belly as you start to progress with each 4-minute sequence.

❯❯ Losing tons of belly fat is just the start… with these sequences; you’ll develop the strong attention
demanding midsection you’ve always desired.

❯❯ Women will have a sexy slim waist and look there best ever in a bikini.

❯❯ Men will have shredded rock hard abs that POP and have heads turn as soon as they take off their shirt.

Why is this method of training better than anything else out there when it comes to getting rid of belly fat?

Studies have concluded that fighters are the MOST FIT athletes in the world. Not only that… fighters also have the most attractive midsections compared to any other athlete on the planet.

If you’re going to be punched over and over again to your midsection, you better believe you’re going to be doing something different than everyone else.

Here’s the trick that gets fighters so lean in such a short amount of time compared to anything else out there…

Fighters only train in short intervals and then rest for a specific period of time… They utilize a variety of full body movements that involves as many muscle groups as possible, which burns a ton of calories in such a short period of time.

These movements, when combined together in a specific sequence, will have your body burning calories and fat AFTER your workout for at least 24-48 hours.

Here’s something else you need to be aware of…

Fighters don’t get in shape when they fight… what makes them so fit is the preparation leading up to competition…

So you won’t need to get punched in the head… instead, you can utilize these unique concepts that fighters use to get in such incredible shape so that you can experience the BEST belly fat melting results you have ever experienced before.

Conventional workouts focus too much on “burning calories” or how much you sweat during your workout, which won’t do anything for the amount of fat you’re actually melting off…

You see, when you apply the specific full body movements fighters use, you’ll create a HUGE surge in your metabolism in such a short amount of time.

And when you apply these exercises in a specific sequence and combine them with the unique ab strengthening exercises that is responsible for fighters having such a attention demanding midsection…

Your body will experience a huge surge in your fat burning hormones, keeping your levels of T3 and T4 high, which will have you burning off fat while you sleep.

Now let’s take a look at why fighters are the most fit athletes in the world and why you should use their methods to reveal your own abs even FASTER…

If you ever watched a fight on TV, then you know Fighters have the
BEST looking abs compared to any other athletes…

Even the female fighters have some of the most attractive midsections
that I have ever seen.

Just take a look at Rounda Rousey. Do you think she got that midsection
by doing crunches and sit-ups all day? I don’t think so.

Fighters are obviously doing something different than everyone else
and the results speak for themselves.

And I’m here to tell you that these breakthrough training concepts can
be applied by ANYONE and you won’t need to get punched in the head.

My name is Andrew Raposo. I’m a North American Muay Thai Champion and a 2 Time Provincial Gold Medalist in Boxing.

I’ve spent the past 10 years teaching men and women of different ages and backgrounds these unique concepts from my fight background to develop the most mind blowing results they have ever experienced.

I became one of the busiest trainers in Toronto because of how fast I was getting my
clients results. At one point, I couldn’t take any more clients because of how busy I

Even other trainers were starting to pay me for this information so that they can use
it on their clients.

I knew I had to share this information with the world, especially with all the overhyped
fitness information you see all over the Internet that will still never get you the
results you deserve for your efforts.

Speaking of all the overhyped fitness information out there… this brings me to an inspiration story of a client of mine who broke through the endless spiral of typical diet and exercising and finally got his dream six-pack at the age of 45…

When I first met Josh, he was very FRUSTURATED with his lack of results because of all
the calorie counting he was doing and the countless hours on the cardio machines he
did in the past that never got him anywhere…

On top of that, he was at a whopping 250 pounds and was borderline type 2 diabetic.

You can see a picture of him before he started with me

Josh shared a heart dropping story with me, about his daughter not being able to look
up to him…

You see, she was only 5 years old… the last thing Josh can tell his
daughter is he was a borderline type 2 diabetic…

Josh new he needed to make a change. However, he was so busy with
his work that he couldn’t fit any training into his schedule.

So I prescribed these simple 4-Minute Fighter Abs Training Sequences,
and he had absolutely no excuse to squeeze just 4-minutes out of his
day. And he only had to do this 5x/week.

Take a look at the results for yourself

Once Josh started to do these specific 4-minute sequences on a regular
basis, in JUST 3 months, he lost 65 pounds of fat and is now at a
healthy and fit 185 pounds.

And best of all, he can now be an inspirational role model to his daughter again.

I was so proud of Josh that I just had to create a whole system on this unique method to shed away belly fat in such a short amount of time and share it with the world.

Finally, a DONE FOR YOU system that can easily fit into your busy schedule AND get rid of your belly fat FASTER than anything else that you have ever seen.

In this done for you system, you’ll have Follow Along Videos of every belly fat melting workout AND a complete done for you blueprint that will provide you with an easy to follow road map for everything you need to do so that you lose every last inch off your belly and waist.

You’ll benefit from all the unique methods that get fighters such amazing midsections and do them in a simple, easy to use format that can be performed by ANYONE at ANY age…

“In just 6 weeks, the 4-Minute
Fighter Abs Program got me abs
for the first time since my ACL
tear… It’s easy to follow and I
learned so much about
training abs that I have never
known before.”

“Within six weeks of doing the
workouts that Andrew provided, I
achieved my waist measurement
goals and a long time dream of
becoming injury free”

The biggest mistake most fitness programs make is not dealing with plateaus,
which is very common and is usually the biggest setback for most people who
start exercising.

How can you be motivated to continue with a program if you stop seeing results?

In the 4-Minute Fighter Abs system, I take you through 3 very specific phases so that you never plateau and you continue to see FAST results!

Do you have 4-minutes that you can
take out of your day? ALL you literally
need is 4-minutes and you can
experience the FASTEST belly fat loss
of your life.

Here’s the problem with motivation…
when you don’t see any
results, you won’t be motivated to
continue. So it isn’t your fault. With
this system, you’ll see noticeable results
in as little as 7 days to keep you
motivated to lose every last bit of fat
around your midsection.

Whether you’re in your 40s or even your
70s… you can easily benefit from these
customizable 4-minute sequences to fit
your specific needs. You’ll also be progressed
accordingly, allowing you to lose
belly fat at ANY age at a FAST rate.

Listen, I’ve seen some of the most unbelievable
transformations using these 4-miniute
sequences from people who think they
have “bad genetics”. Once you optimize
your fat burning hormones and skyrocket
your metabolism with the 4-minute sequences,
your genetics won’t make a difference
from the amount of belly fat you’ll
be burning off.

There’s no reason why an injury should
hold you back from losing your belly fat.
Most programs won’t consider that you
may have injury… however, every movement
in every sequence in the 4-Minute
Fighter Abs System is modifiable to suit
your needs.

Now most women may have a concern
that they may become bulky from
something like this. Let me assure you
that you won’t be doing any weights or
heavy lifting of any kind. Every movement
is done with your bodyweight
giving you a toned and firm midsection.

This isn’t just another regular old fitness program where you can just get the exact
information on the Internet.

The only way you can get your hands on information like this is by paying a professional level coach thousands of dollars to train you.

Even then… you still won’t have access to the 4-minute sequences that has been
PROVEN to melt away your belly fat at such a fast rate AND it is customized to
meet your physical needs.

This is why I have created this system for you… there just simply isn’t anything like this that you can find on the Internet today.

You can search around to find something like this one day OR you can INSTANTLY
feel years younger and see a noticeable change in your midsection within 7 days
after giving these never before seen sequences a try…

“I’ve never ever been able to commit to a workout
program before on my own , and always quit when
the going got tough, threw in the towel, and self
sabotaged everything. After doing 4-Minute
Fighter Abs, I have lost so much abdominal fat
and developed a sculpted body in a way that I
would have never imagined.

Andrew, you have given me back new confidence,
and with me seeing visible changes in the mirror,
my confidence is skyrocketing and soaring to new
heights to believe what’s truly possible.”

“My goals are to have a slim waist, increase
core strength and improve my posture. I never
thought I would see myself with the midsection I
now have today from using these 4-minute workouts.
Or more importantly sit up straight at my
desk. Thank you so much Andrew!”

Remember, this isn’t just another fitness program where a bunch of workouts
are slapped on together not giving you any real results.

When you claim your 4-Minute Fighter Abs System, it is essential you follow this
PROVEN protocol that is guaranteed to get you REAL results.

If you’re someone who will get a new workout program and just let it sit there,
never giving it a try, then this isn’t for you.

If you think you’re too old to try this, then I’m telling you right now that it’s
simply not true. I literally have men and women in their 70s+ discover amazing
results from this progressive system.

If you still think dieting is the solution to everything, then you will be VERY
surprised when you try out these sequences.

Listen: You can’t be the person who just waits for that special day to start taking their workouts seriously. Today is your chance to CRUSH those excuses and start seeing noticeable results in the next 7 days…

I’m so confident that you’ll get mind blowing results that I putting ALL the risk on me.

If you have not seen the fastest results from this system rather than any other workout system on the market, you will get a complete 100% refund. I have seen many workout programs and there is absolutely nothing like this out there.

As I said before… anybody at any age can use these workouts and see dramatic results. No matter your fitness level. Whether it’s your first time exercising or you’re an athlete competing for your sport. These 4-minute sequences cover everyone.

I am so confident that you’ll be absolutely blown away by the information you’ll discover in this training system that if you are not 100% satisfied, I highly recommend you ask for a refund.

This is how confident I am in this program. If any of these promises are not met, send us an email and you will get a full refund.

So I wanted to make a grand opening discount sale and practically give it away for such a low price…

And honestly… 9 bucks to have the abs and midsection of your dreams is an absolute steal.

You can literally get a sugar filled latte for that price these days…

So what would you rather have? A Latte filled with sugar OR The midsection of your dreams?

They both cost the same…

Another reason why I am giving away this highly regarded system for such a low price is because I encourage everyone to share their success stories with me. So when you get your dream midsection using these 4-minute sequences, I want you to tell me about it.

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Here is the exclusive bonus that you’ll get instant access to for FREE when you take action right now:

This right here is THE solution to getting rid of the #1 most trouble problem spot for most people. Which is your Lower Belly Fat.

You’re going to get a full complete exercise video library of exclusive ab exercises that effectively target your lower abs in a way that you have never experienced before.

You’ll finally get the opportunity to burn off your stubborn lower belly fat that has been keeping you from developing your dream midsection.

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“It’s only been 4 weeks and I’m absolutely pleased with my results. I’ve never experienced results like this from any other workout program before and I must admit, I’ve been very flexible with my diet.”

Remember, everything you have been doing to get rid of your stubborn belly fat, has not been working.

Continuing down such a path will only lead to more frustration, continued weight gain around your midsection and you will feel uncomfortable to have your stomach revealed when other people are around.

This can affect your relationships, your confidence, and your enjoyment out of life…

You will even look older than you already are…

Yet, all this can change when you apply these easy to use 4-minute sequences so that you can start making
a difference right now.

Imagine the feeling of waking up a few days from now and already noticing your belly fat disappear…your love handles start to vanish.

There will be nothing to squish anymore. The definition in your abs become more noticeable…

Your lower stubborn belly fat finally goes away and you now have the desirable chiseled sixpack abs like the countless fighters you see on TV.

You become excited for every workout because you notice how much faster you’re seeing results compared to anything else you ever tried.

You enjoy the foods you love while everyone else is trying to stick to a diet.

You start to get attention from the opposite sex in a way you’ve never received before…

You will finally get the respect you rightfully deserve from your peers, your confidence will be at an all time high and you will notice every area in your life start to change for the better.

It’s time for you to take this opportunity and get rid of that unattractive belly fat and get started today.

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4 Minute Fighter Abs – No Trial — is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.