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The Full Potential of

less than 5 minutes, you will discovera simple solution that lets you …

Are you maximizing your ClickBank account for maximum profits? If not, you’re missing out on a lot of potential sales.

Clickbank now services over 10,000 publishers – many of these online businesses would not
have existed if not for Clickbank’s excellent services.

However, only a handful of publishers know how to fully maximize their ClickBank account.
The secret lies in overcoming restrictions with their linking system (the hoplink).

You see, ClickBank allows you to list up to 500 different products in a
single account. However, your affiliates can only send traffic to
one landing page – which means if you are selling 2 or more products, your affiliates are not able to promote them.

solves this problem for you – plus many other features to give you the extra edge over your competitors!

I just thought I would take the time to drop you a short note and let you
know how delighted I am with your product easyClickMateTM.
I have been using it since April 2003 and it has had a dramatic effect on my business.

Not only has my page rank on google gone from a 3 to a 5 because now all my
affiliates link back to my site but my business has increased. This is
because I can now click a button and email all my affiliates with
updates and new product releases.

The last thing I would like to mention is your customer service. It has been
excellent throughout. I think I must have emailed you more than any other
customer and each email was answered promptly and with patience. I highly
recommend your product and service.”

Warmest Regards,Mark McRae

In a nutshell, it provides a custom affiliate management system that allows
your affiliates to promote ALL of your products effectively!

You’ll have the tools to manage your affiliates without the associated
administrative hassle of tracking sales and paying your affiliates! That part is taken
care of by ClickBank itself.

EasyClickMate is a complete system designed to
boost your ClickBank income and empower your affiliates to generate more sales!

A typical Clickbank affiliate link (hoplink) looks like this:

If you used the conventional way to let affiliates sell your multiple products, you’d
have to put all your products on one page.

Your affiliates cannot effectively pre-sell for you because he/she cannot
send visitors to your targeted product pages.

Let’s say a super affiliate likes one of your products and decides to endorse it.
A reader likes what he reads and decides to
check it out. He clicks to your site. But instead of seeing the product he has just
read about, he sees a generic page FILLED with links to all your products.

This is a surefire way of distracting the customer.
You’ve just given him many other links to explore, and chances are,
you and your affiliate will have lost the sale!

As a ClickBank Publisher, why risk it ?
Make it easy for your prospective customers to purchase your products and your affiliates to promote your products!

easyClickMateTM solves this problem
for you flawlessly and elegantly –
even if your products are located on multiple websites. Your affiliates will have
a unique affiliate URL for each of your products that will link
directly to the product’s sales page!

What if your affiliates can send visitors to a ‘neutral’ site, say, a professional
press release and still be credited for the sale? Your affiliates could do a
short write-up on your product and then send visitors to your press-release
as social proof.

Would this not increase your sales?

This is also a neat way to attract super-affiliates – they can send visitors to their
own optin/squeeze page and still be credited for the sale.

Effectively, if you enable this feature (yes, you can choose to dis-able it if you wish),
your affiliates have full control over where they send their subscribers.

The landing
page can be your pages (sales page, article page, squeeze page) or your
affiliates’ own pages, or a neutral page such as a press-release page.

Also, recent demographic studies revealed that over 85% online purchases
are made by women or influenced by women.

From my own product sales analysis (from 2002 – 2007), the percentage of women buyers
have increased significanly over the years.

What does all these stats mean to you?

Well, women are more relational compared to men, and they respond favorably to
personalization. So, if your affiliates send their subscribers to your sales page
that is personalized with their name, you might effectively double your sales
with this simple tweak!

(ps: happy affiliates means they would be more eager to promote you over your competitors, especially if your product converts better)

*note: Your position in the ClickBank marketplace is based on the number of
active affiliates you have and your total sales. If all your sales and all your affiliates are linked to
a single ClickBank account, your position in the MarketPlace will be high!

“The number of sites which link to a particular site. Most search engines use link popularity
as a factor in determining the search engine ranking of a web site.”

If your website has a high search engine ranking, (i.e. high Page Rank), you will get
more targeted traffic, and thus, more sales.

When you use easyClickMateTM,
ALL your affiliates will be linking to your site instead
of ClickBank. If you have hundreds of affiliates, your page rank will definitely improve !

Just select the countries you want to ban (from the left colum), click on the
and then click on the “Ban Selected Countries” button.

To “un-ban” a country, select it from the right column, click
and click on the button again to update the list.

(You can view some screenshots at the blog )

Your affiliates can login to the affiliate center to check their stats, and retrieve
their custom affiliate links which are automatically generated when you add new products.

Take a look at the screenshot below. Your affiliates just need to select a product (from the drop down list)
they want to promote, and click on the ‘get link’ button. Simple eh?

Your affiliates will also receive an email notification from easyClickMateTM
when they’ve made a sale. This is great for boosting your affiliates’ morale and encourages them to
promote harder.

If you’ve browsed some of the popular marketing forums, you’ll know that many
Clickbank affiliates loves to get sales notification, but sadly, they don’t – unless the vendor is using

You will also receive an email regarding the affiliate sale.

First of all … having played around with easyClickMateTM for the past few
days I just want to tell you that I am impressed with it! You have done a
fanastic job. It is extremely easy to set up and is really going to help our
affiliates promote our products.

Gary Killops,

Business Continuity …

Have you ever purchased software or scripts from other vendors in the past and
later discovered that they have gone bust? And it usually happens when
you need support the most (eg. the software stopped working for some reason)

When you invest in software for your business, you want to be
sure that you will continute to receive support from the vendor in the years to come.

This is where we are second to none. Since April 2002, we have been providing high quality software to Internet
marketers and Entrepreneurs.

We have seen many competitors bite the dust over
the years, but we are still here for you!.

Even though I purchased this product years ago, you’re still around to give great support.


Adrian served as my webmaster for many years. Not only did he
administer all the technical side, but I felt totally confident
trusting him with my sensitive corporate data.

Adrian’s scripts are simple enough to install yourself, yet very
robust. And if you get stuck, he offers fast personal support to get
you up and running in no time.

Michael Campbell

Author of three best selling marketing ebooks
and the Internet Marketing Secrets Newsletter.

You are one of a RARE breed still alive in the IM marketplace

I say this seriously because your customer service is IMPECCABLE! Always has been over
the past 3 years that I have used your service.

Again,I do appreciate your help and I’ll wait for Charles to let you know
what works for us.

Adrian knows how to keep his customers
happy with timely upgrades, and quick support, and I would recommend his
products without even seeing them – that is the confidence I have in
Adrian and his products.

Dr. Andy WilliamsSearch Engine optimization Strategies Newsletter

I also want to thank you for your outstanding customer service. I had left this until the last minute, and was in a bit of a panic to get it set up before a deadline. Being in a rush, I of course bumbled part of the setting up. Unfortunately, my schedule fell right on your Chinese New Year — an important time for you to take a holiday.

However, you still were there to help me get it straightened out. I’m afraid I’m a bit of a klutz at times, but your unwavering help got me set up and running smoothly. I really appreciate your help.

Problem solved with easyClickMateTM.
Now I will launch EVERY future product with this tool; and also notify all my existing affiliates about this versatile tool.

Plus there’s a real helpful person at the end of the line. Thanks Adrian.


Teresa King

I’ve just installed your script and it’s working perfectly!
This is a MUST have for every Clickbank Vendor.
Affiliates are very important to my business, and now I have
the perfect tool to enable them to link directly to each
individual product!

David Zohar

Find out at a glance the conversion ratio for each of
your products, your top affiliates, your top performing products, etc.

(more screenshots at the blog )

Imagine having hundreds or thousands of affiliates linking to you … and
watch your link popularity grow in the search engines!

This is powerful because when you want to launch your next product, you
already have an army of affiliates ready to promote for you. You just need to compose an email
and click ‘send’. No need to scramble looking for affiliates.

Another benefit for your affiliates if they register with you is that they can login to
check their statistics (ie. number of hits, sales, conversion ratio)

Now, you can offer it to them!

[Software Requirements:]
webhost/server running on unix/linux
PHP 4.3.x or higher. (Works with PHP 5.3 as well)
MySQL database ver 3.2.3 or higher (eg. MySQL 4.x or MySQL 5.x)
99% of all the reputable web hosts out there meet the requirements

That’s less than one dinner out for two.

You may have noticed the absence of hype on this page. There is no need for hype.
You have seen the facts for yourself.

EasyClickMate is a piece of software that will let you to scale your ClickBank business.

But don’t just take my word for how good this product is.
Install it, use it and let it prove itself to you.

Mike Merz,
Internet Marketing For

Remember, you get more than just a software. You’re getting a tool that will
help you boost your Clickbank profits! And my personal attention and support.

Give it a try for 60 days – completely risk free!

If you’re not happy for whatever reason, I will insist on giving you
back every cent you have paid. No hesitation, no questions.

Click here to get Original ClickBank Affiliate Management Tool at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Original ClickBank Affiliate Management Tool is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.