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Amazon’s affiliate program is the biggest and most popular affiliate program out there.

In 2008 Amazon had over 2,000,000 affiliates (they used to call them associates) and I can only imagine that this number grew a lot by now.

Becoming an Amazon affiliate is completely free however it is not as simple as it used to be back in 2007 when I started.

Amazon takes great pride in their affiliate program and they want to make sure they’re working with the right people. All “inactive” affiliates get purged if they do not make any sales within 180 days.

In this video I’ll guide you through the process of signing up as Amazon’s affiliate marketer. I will explain what their forms mean, what kind of answers they’re expecting for you, how to join even if your state doesn’t allow affiliate marketing and much more.

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Also I recently published a video explaining what affiliate marketing means and how it works:

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