The results of the 9th annual AffiliateBenchmarks Survey are out and there are some interesting findings which will help you shape up your affiliate marketing strategy for 2017 and beyond.

Mind you, this was one of the largest independent study of its kind – of the affiliate marketing industry, where as many as 1,800 industry professionals were surveyed.

Affiliate Marketing Success

The findings from the advertiser survey suggest that the affiliate marketing channel is performing well, and will continue to see steady growth in the future. Some highlights include:

80% of advertisers plan to increase their affiliate marketing budget next year or keep it the same (question 5)

27.4% of advertisers credit 21% or more of their sales generated through paid online marketing to affiliate marketing. 25.9% contribute 11-20% to affiliate. (question 7)

67.5% of advertisers note that coupon sites play a valuable role in their affiliate programs. (question 13)

There were some interesting findings from the publisher survey as well:

50% of publishers work with both B2B and B2C advertisers (question 9)

68.2% of publishers use Facebook to drive traffic to their site, while 62.4% use SEO (question 10)

62.6% of publishers find content to be most valuable when promoting an affiliate program and 44% find coupons & discounts most valuable (question 11)

Amidst all this, CJ Affiliate clearly emerged as the #1 choice of publishers and advertisers alike for affiliate marketing.

You can in turn keep all of this in mind in your affiliate marketing efforts for 2017 & beyond.