Creating a website for affiliate marketing isn’t much different from creating a website for any other purpose.

The main real difference is that you’ll be including affiliate links in the content you create.

I’d suggest WordPress – most hosts make it easy to install and it’s easy enough to tweak it and add posts or pages (near enough the same thing, just some differences on where they’re displayed on your site) with lots of content,

Written content or video content or a mixture of the two work well for most websites and affiliate marketing is no different.

Keep creating content – the web thrives on new content.

Answer people’s questions (do a web search for “how to” and your niche)

Review products you’re promoting.

Do top 10 lists (or any other number).

Ethically entice people to click the links on your website and then let the affiliate program you’ve joined do the job of persuading them to buy.

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